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Music Video artwork are images directly related to a music video clip, preferably of high quality that are displayed when viewing the music video entry in the library. The artwork support in Kodi's video library is very flexible and able to display many types of artwork depending on the skin in use.

1 Requirements

See: Music videos
  • The Music Video library is part of the Video Library (MyVideos#.db) and not the Music Library (MyMusic#.db)
  • Smart Playlists can be created to include Music and Music Videos by using the type Mixed
  • There are no add-ons that load extended artwork
  • The online scraper source is TheAudioDB site.
See alsoThe AudioDB

2 Scanning & Scraping

v18 introduces an experimental feature that will auto-load local extended artwork without the use of additional add-ons. It is considered an advanced feature. Usage and practicality of this feature are being monitored and may change in later releases.

In the Music Video Library, artwork is described as follows:

Basic Artwork Extended Artwork
fanart poster banner clearart clearlogo discart fanartxx (extrafanart) landscape

Basic artwork requires no special setup as it has always been natively scanned and scraped by Kodi

Extended Is available from v18 only using the whitelisted in advancedsettings.xml method.

The Music Videos library supports local only Extended artwork. To use this feature...

1. Add the below code to the advancedsettings.xml file, ensuring you do not duplicate any tags if they already exist... eg <advancedsettings></advancedsettings>, <videolibrary></videolibrary>
2. Save correctly named local artwork as detailed in the next section - Artwork Types. The Music Video scraper does not download extended artwork.
3. Restart Kodi and scan or scrape music videos as per usual.
Note: The code box below adds common extended artwork that most skins will utilise. It is your choice which extended artwork you add. If you add additional to that shown, ensure the skin has support to display it.
 1 <advancedsettings>
 2 	<videolibrary>
 3         <musicvideoextraart>
 4           <arttype>banner</arttype>
 5           <arttype>clearart</arttype>
 6           <arttype>clearlogo</arttype>
 7           <arttype>discart</arttype>
 8           <arttype>fanart1</arttype> <!-- Multiple fanart -->
 9           <arttype>fanart2</arttype> <!-- Add as many as required. -->
10           <arttype>fanart3</arttype> 
11           <arttype>landscape</arttype>
12         </musicvideoextraart>
13 	</videolibrary>
14 </advancedsettings>

3 Local Artwork

Local Music Video artwork is saved in the same folder where the music video file is saved.

The default file name for music video artwork is <music video file name>-<arttype>.<ext> - see image below.

3.1 Manually Adding Music Video Artwork

To add or change artwork manually, follow the steps in the images...

4 Artist Image

The Artist Image for Music Videos has the same requirements as for the artist image in the Music library.

See: Music Artwork

If the same Artist is listed in the Music library, artist images will be automatically inherited from the Music library

If the artist does not appear in the Music Library, then use the manual method described below to add artist images

4.1 Manually Adding Artist Artwork

From within Kodi, you have the ability to manually change the artwork at any time as follows:

  1. Highlight the Artist whose artwork you would like to add or change.
  2. Call up the Context Menu. (Image 1)
  3. Select Set artist thumb. (Image 1)
  4. Select Browse to navigate to the location of the image on your local or network drives. (Image 2)
  5. Select the desired artwork. Once selected it will be automatically applied and return to the Artist listing.

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