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1 Introduction

This page details information specific to Seasons. For TV Shows and Episodes, see linked pages.

The following artwork types are standard for Seasons and supported by many skins. For more details see Artwork Types

Commonly Supported Artwork
banner fanart landscape poster

2 Scraping

The Kodi scrapers can automatically download artwork without any extra effort from the user.

Artwork settings for the video library are adjusted in the Kodi settings pages here... Settings > Media > Videos > Artwork

3 Local Season Artwork

Local Season artwork is saved in the top level folder of the TV show alongside the TV Show artwork. There is no conflict as Season artwork is named differently as detailed below.

The general rules for Season artwork file names are (see image for correct use)

  • Standard seasons are named as season<num>-<arttype>.<ext>
  • The "specials" season is named as season-specials-<arttype>.<ext>
  • The "all" season is named as season-all-<arttype>.<ext>

This method applies in all cases, whether you use single file videos, dvd folders, bluray folders, episode folders, season folders or any combination of those.

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