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1 Introduction

The following describes how Kodi chooses which artwork to use when multiple sources are available and how to change artwork from within Kodi.

2 Local Art Comes First

Local artwork takes priority (scraped artwork is a fallback), so on update of both music and video libraries Kodi will always use local artwork when it can find some (assuming the artwork is correctly named and saved in the correct location). Only when there is no local artwork found does Kodi use the artwork that the scrapers can fetch from online sources.

To ensure artwork is correctly named and saved in the correct location, visit the artwork page for the relevant media type.

3 Available Artwork Found By Scrapers

Scraper results (and NFO files) can include multiple potential images for each single artwork type. When a type of art has not been found locally then, during scraping, the first image offered by the online source (normally the most popular one) will be automatically assigned to the media item so skins and other interfaces can access it for display. In addition, the scraper will save additional links from the scraper results to be used in the "Choose art" dialog (even if using local artwork), where you can select a new image for any art type from those available online and, of course, local files.

On occasion the online sources purge artwork for various reasons. This may affect the links held in your database which results in no thumbnail images being displayed, and errors when trying to select it. If the artwork links are handy in an NFO file, check they work. If this has happened to you, the only solution is to delete the title from the library and re-scrape it to download the new artwork links.

Note: If you use a Media Manager to download local artwork and create NFO files, the full list of artwork links may not be available to use in "Choose art" as most, if not all, Media Managers strip out the additional artwork links.

4 Choose Art

From within Kodi, you have the ability to manually change the artwork at any time by following these directions.

Note: The following is based on the Video Library. Music Library follows the same process, but the screenshots will be slightly different for Choose Art- Artists and Choose Art- Albums

  1. Highlight the media item whose artwork you want to change.
  2. Call up the Information dialog, (Image 1)
    • For seasons and movie sets the "Choose Art" option is in the Context menu.
  3. Select Choose Art. (Image 1)
  4. From within this page, you will be given the option to select which type of artwork you would like to change. (Image 2)
    • If the type of artwork you would like to change is not listed, use the Add art type button to add it. An onscreen keyboard will be displayed. Enter the new type of artwork and select Ok.
    • Examples of artwork type are those listed in the following pages- eg clearlogo, clearart, banner etc...
  5. Once selected, you will then be provided with a list of available artwork at the scraper site, or you can navigate to a local or network location. (Image 3)
  6. Once you select the desired image, it will replace the existing image. You will be returned to the screen displayed in Image 2
  7. If you do not intend to change any other artwork types, simply Esc or Back out of the screen

An alternative method for Music and Video library:

  1. Choose Refresh as seen in Image 1.
  2. You will then be asked Locally stored information found. Ignore and refresh from Internet? (Image 4)
    • To scrape local metadata - Select No
      • If no local nfo file is available, Kodi will scrape metadata from the online scraper site
      • Local artwork still has priority. If no local artwork is found, Kodi will search the NFO file for valid links to artwork and download artwork if links are valid
    • To scrape online metadata (and ignore nfo file, if any) - Select Yes
      • Local artwork still has priority. If no local artwork is found, the scraper results are used to fetch artwork

5 Other Change Art Methods

If you have scanned a title into the library using local artwork, simply replacing the existing image with a new image (assuming the same name and extension is used) is all that is needed to change artwork. Due to the image hash check function, the change may take up to 24 hours to display. If you want immediate changes, use one of the following methods.

  1. If the Library has not yet been created, or the source has not yet been added
    • Ensure your artwork is named and saved correctly. Add the Media sources to Kodi and allow to update. Local artwork will be cached
  2. This Movie/TV Show/Album/Artist is new and has not been added to the library yet
    • An Update Library will scrape and cache the artwork, or
    • For Videos, navigate Videos>Files, navigate to the item and call up the Information page. This will start an automatic scrape for that single item
    • For Music, navigate Music>Files, locate and highlight the new artist or album. From the context menu select Scan item to library
  3. I added new artwork for Movie/TV Show/Album/Artist already in the library which uses artwork initially scraped from online
    • Delete the title from the library, and scan it back into the library, or
    • For videos follow instructions for Kodi- Choose Art above
    • For music follow instructions in Kodi- Choose Art above
  4. I added new artwork for a lot of Movies/TV Shows/Music already in the library
    • Update each Movie/TV Show/Music manually using instructions in the previous option, or
    • Remove the Source and clean library. Re-add the source and run the Update Library

See also: Update Video Library
See also: Update Music Library

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