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1 Introduction

The Live TV section of Kodi provides the facility to view Terrestrial TV through Kodi. This allows you to view your local TV stations as though you were using a standalone Television or a TIVO type device. You are able to view Live TV, Freeview type Program Guides, Record programs through Timer Rules and watch the recorded programs all without ever leaving Kodi.

Kodi provides the ability to insert the Logo of your TV Stations which then becomes visible in the program guide, on-screen displays and all channel listings, making it easy to distinguish each channel.

The two following images show some of the uses of the TV Logos.

The following are the two methods for sourcing and applying logos in Kodi.

2 TVLogo Add-on

On the 29 April 2018, the TheLogoDB was permanently shut down by the owner due to abuse by piracy related sites and add-ons.

There is currently no alternative. Please use the Manual Process described in the next section.

Some logos that were stored on the site are still available here...

3 Manual Process

The Manual Process of populating Kodi with logos requires three steps:

  1. Source Logos
  2. Save to local drive
  3. Load into Kodi

3.1 Source Logos

Sourcing TV Station Logos is relatively simple. Some commonly used methods to source logos are:

  • Google Image search
  • Download from the official site of the TV Station
  • Download from TheLogoDB Website
  • Create your own logos

3.2 Saving Logos

Once you have sourced your logos, they must be saved to your local hard drive. The images must conform to the image requirements detailed in the following two tables.

Note the following:

  • The following two tables apply only to the logos you have manually sourced and saved. It does not apply to logos downloaded by the add-on in the previous section.
  • The Aspect Ratios should be respected as the image fields within skins are not adjustable. Using incorrect ratios may lead to stretching, squashing or cropping of your logos.

Required file properties:
Note: The resolution may be increased but ensure the aspect ratio is maintained

File Type Aspect Ratio Resolution- recommended
*.png 1.78:1 800x450
*.png 1:1 450x450

Naming and Saving conventions for your own manually sourced logos:

Logos can be saved in any location as Kodi does not search or scrape logos. The only requirement is that the logged-in User has read permission for the folder where the logos are saved.

3.3 Loading Logos

The following is based on NextPVR

From within Kodi it is possible to manually add or remove logos by following these directions:

1. In the PVR Settings menu set the folder which contains the logos as shown in image 1
2. Back to the PVR Homescreen, pull out the Sideblade menu and ensure "Show Icons" is enabled (image 2)

3. From the TV Channel listing, highlight the channel that will have the logo set (image 3)
4. Call up the Context Menu and select Manage (image 4)
5. From the Manage Context menu, select Channel manager (image 5)

6. From the Channel manager page, scroll to the desired channel. Once the channel is highlighted, move to the right column and select Channel icon: (image 6)
7. From the Browse for icon page, select Browse or other appropriate option (image 7)
8. From the Browse for icon page, select Channel icons which is the folder you set in the Settings page in image 1 above (image 8)
9. Select the appropriate logo and press OK

If loading multiple logos, repeat from Step 6.

3.3.1 TVheadend

If you are using TVHeadend as your TV server, then it is possible to add logos using it's web admin interface.

You will need to host the logos somewhere on an internal web server or external.

Then you can add the logos in the "User Icon" field manager (TVHeadend web page >> Configuration >> Channel / EPG):

TVHeadend logo.png

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