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Create Video Libraries
1. The Basics
2. Source Folder
3. Movie Setup
4a. TV Show Setup
4b. Seasons Setup
4c. Episodes Setup
5. Music Videos Setup
6. Add Source & Scrape
7. Scraping Problems
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Kodi has the ability to include Music Videos in the Video and Music libraries. All scanned music videos will show up in both. Music Videos can also be part of Party Mode and Smart Playlists. Playlists containing both music and music videos should be stored in the mixed playlist subfolder under the userdata folder.

1 File structure

Its important to make use the standard file structure for music videos like so:

  C:\Kodi Sources\Mvids\Artist - Title.mkv

All music videos should be in a single folder named exactly as the above examples. NOTE: The space between the hyphen is important!


2 Selecting the source

Once you have all your music videos named correctly we can set them up as a source in Kodi

  Videos >> Files >> Add Videos >> Browse >> Select your music video folder (in this case "Mvids")

3 Selecting the Scraper

Now we have the source folder selected we need to set a few options:

  Set content >> "Music Videos" >> Choose provider 

NOTE: Currently there are no music video scrapers on the official Kodi Repository, but you can find some here on github. Just download as a zip and install from kodis add-on browser manually:

Make sure that user folder names for lookups is unchecked and hit OK, then update library at the next popup.


4 Music Video Views

Now we have all the music videos imported, we can go and find them from the main menu

  Music >> Music Videos >> Title

And now you should see something like this with all the artwork and metadata matched to each video!


From here you can browse music videos in many different ways such as by year, title or via the album they were released on.


This will make it much easier and quicker to find the video you want.

As an added bonus you can also search by director or even the film company that produced it. Its a really nice way of browsing the videos if you like the style of a particular director.

5 Video guides

6 Music Video NFO files

Just as with other types on content in Kodi, you can override any music video lookup with an NFO file. This can be useful for videos that don't scrape properly or where you just want to manually add metadata and artwork.

Just create a new text file with the nfo extension named the same filename as the music video so for example:

    C:\Media\MViDS\Abba - Dancing Queen.mkv
    C:\Media\MViDS\Abba - Dancing Queen.nfo

And edit the .nfo with a text editor in the following syntax.

Full Wiki article here:

7 3rd Party Apps

There is a good 3rd party app that can help create NFO files

1f9fmvid nfo creator.jpg

Download =

8 Known Issues

- Music Videos with apostrophes in the artist or song name will not currently work with the XML scraper

- Music Videos that do not have an entry on MusicBrainz or TheAudioDB website will not work with the current scraper. Solution is to add them to Musicbrainz and then import on TheAudioDB if possible.