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1 Introduction

Kodi has the option to Export and Import the library databases. These options may be used for a number of reasons including the following more popular ones:

  • Perform database backup and recovery
  • Reorganization of data or eliminate database fragmentation (export, clean/remove database, re-import)
  • Move data between Kodi databases on different platforms (eg Widows to Linux)

2 Music Library

This page details how to Import and Export the Music Library. It has been completely overhauled for v18 and adds more functionality and integrates the new Artist information folder

See: Import-Export Music lIbrary

3 Video Library

This page details how to Import and Export the Video Library which consists of:

  • Movies- Metadata and artwork
  • TV Shows- Metadata and artwork
  • Music Videos- Metadata and artwork

See: Import-Export Video lIbrary

Note: You cannot selectively Import or Export parts of the database.

4 A Note on Artwork

The optimized image from Kodi's Artwork/Cache is exported, rather than the original full-quality image, so it is best to avoid exporting artwork if at all possible.

An easily understandable explanation of the effects of these optimizations can be located in the forum here.

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