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Create Video Libraries
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4a. TV Show Setup
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1 Introduction

There are two components to TV Shows that need to be accurate for a successful scrape:

  1. Correct naming of the TV Show
  2. Correct numbering of the Episodes

This page details the TV Show folder. Season folders and episodes are discussed in the following pages.

2 TV Show Folders

Image 1- TV Show folders

Each TV Show requires its own folder in the Source folder

The naming of your TV Show folder is critical to ensure the scrapers can correctly identify the TV Show and its episodes.

TV Show Name (Year) - This is the correct naming format for the TV Show folder

  • The TV Show folders are saved inside the Source folder
  • Adding the (Year) makes scraping more accurate and differentiates between original and remake versions.
  • For Country of Origin TV Shows, the (Year) is replaced with the country code. eg Hells Kitchen (UK), Hells Kitchen (US), Hells Kitchen (AU) etc.
  • The title and (year) displayed at the scraper site is how you should name your show.

If you are unsure of the name or year, then check which scraper you are using and visit the appropriate site for correct naming:

2.1 Split folders

Split folders are TV Shows that have episodes split between two or more folders located in different Sources. This may occur when a long running show is progressively saved on one drive but, over time, the drive has been filled with other content, forcing you to save new episodes on another drive.

To ensure these split TV Shows are correctly scraped as the same show, you must ensure that the TV Show folder names are identical. A slight variance could see a different show scraped for the second folder. If using NFO Files, then copy the NFO file from one location into the other split folders.

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