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1 Introduction

Be aware of the following:

  • The only item in the episode file name that the Kodi scanner searches for is the Season and Episode numbering (SxxEyy). Everything else is irrelevant.
  • It is this SxxEyy that is used to match and scrape the episode metadata and artwork.
  • To reduce the risk of the scanner becoming confused by complicated naming, ensure your episode filenames are clean and simple as described below.
  • Contrary to advice from 3rd party internet guides, you cannot set season and episode numbering through NFO Files.

Do not refer to IMDB for episode orders. There is no IMDB Scraper.
If you are using the default scraper then the site to check is TMDB. If you have changed to TVDB or TV Maze, check the appropriate site.

2 Single Episode Files

Episode files are assumed to contain a single episode. If you have files that contain two or more episodes, then read the Multi-Episodes section below.

The following table details the Minimum and Recommended naming for episodes files.

Minimum required episode name: Recommended episode name:
S01E01.mkv Angel (1999) S01E01.mkv
Where: S01E01 = Season 1, Episode 1 - no spaces Where: Angel (1999) = TV Show name
S01E01 = Season 1, Episode 1 - no spaces

The Pattern S01E01 is the most accurate available. Other Patterns are available in the table below with the most accurate at the top and accuracy decreasing down the list.

With Season No Season By Date
Order Episode Naming Order Episode Naming Order Episode Naming
1 Name S01E02.ext 2 Name ep02.ext 3 Name
1 Name S1E2.ext 2 Name ep_02.ext 3 Name yyyy-mm-dd.ext
1 Name S01.E02.ext 7 Name part.II.ext 4 Name
1 Name S01_E02.ext 7 Name pt.II.ext
1 Name S01xE02.ext 7 Name pt_II.ext
5 Name 1x02.ext
6 Name 102.ext
With Season
The most commonly used for nearly all TV Shows.
No Season
Normally used for Anime or single season TV Shows. Not commonly used.
By date
Used for long-running daily shows. Check the scraper site for numbering method used.

3 Multi-Episode Files

If you video files contain two or more episodes, then the following naming is required to scan multiple episodes from a single file.

Minimum required episode name: Recommended episode name:
S01E01E02E04.mkv Angel (1999) S01E01E02E04.mkv
Where: S01E01E02E04 = Season 1, Episode 1, 2 & 4 Where: Angel (1999) = TV Show name
Note that Episode 3 is not included S01E01E02E04 = Season 1, Episode 1, 2 & 4
Complex Pattern Short Pattern
Order Example Name Order Example Name
1 name s01e01-s01e02.ext 1 name s01e01e02.ext
1 name s01e01-episode1.title-s01e02-episode2.title.ext 1 name s01e01-02-03.ext
1 name s01e01-s01e02-s01e03.ext 5 name 1x01x02.ext
5 name 1x01-1x02.ext 2 name ep01-02.ext
2 name ep01-ep02.ext

It is recommended that multi-episode files be split into Single Episode files.

In cases where the video file contains more than one episode, you must nominate each episode in the filename.

  • The patterns are the same as Single Episode numbering, but extended to include multiple episodes.
  • Only the episodes in the file name will be added, e.g. Angel (1999) S01E01E04.mkv will scrape episodes 1 and 4 but not include episodes 2 and 3.
  • When using a single video file for multiple episodes it is possible to tell set episode bookmarks for each episode in the file. See: Episode Bookmarks
See also: Multi-Episode Matching to create additional pattern matches

4 Episode Groups

Episode Groups or Orders are listings with alternate episode orders. Some TV Shows are broadcast in one order but the DVD/Bluray release may have a different screening order. A well known example is the TV Show Firefly where the Studio opted to broadcast high action episodes for ratings first, while the Producer wanted a different order to correctly unfold the storyline.

4.1 TheMovieDB-TV Shows

TheMovieDB uses Episode Groups for additional episode orders.

To use one of the orders for scraping, follow the images below. Paste the address into a Parsing NFO file then scrape. The Parsing NFO File will point the scraper to the listing. [1]

4.2 The TVDB

Editor note: TVDB will shortly be updating to v4 API with major changes to episode orders. This is expected to occur April 2021; Oct 2021 2nd Qtr. 2022.

5 References

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