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The use of artwork will transform your mundane media player into a showpiece to be proud of, especially when teamed up with your favourite skin. Kodi will allow you to display Posters, Fanart, Album Covers, Actor and Artist images to name a few. Install the Picture Slideshow add-on, and you will have a constant display of video or music fanart to brighten your entertainment room.

If you prefer not to manually source and save artwork to your local media folders, then scraped artwork can be automatically downloaded and saved into your local folders by installing one of the following add-ons:

v19 Matrix introduced new artwork settings. These new Kodi settings replace the artwork settings in the new python range of scrapers. They also remove the need for the advancedsettings.xml artwork tags which were introduced in v18.
(Note: if the advancedsettings.xml tags are still available in the advancedsettings.xml file, then on first run of v19 these tags will be automatically loaded into the new settings system)

The Kodi scrapers automatically download artwork with little input required by the user. These pages are for those users that want greater control over their artwork by saving artwork locally or creating their own.