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This page explains the various methods available to locate or create artwork.

For details on artwork names, types, formats, resolutions and other details see... Artwork Types

Obtaining Artwork

Movie, TV Show, Season, Episode, Music Video and Music artwork can be obtained using one of the following three methods.


Scrapers will automatically download metadata and artwork for media being added to the library. This artwork is cached in the Kodi data folder

If you would like to also save original versions of the scraped artwork into the local media folders, then install one of the following add-ons:

Manual Downloads

Artwork can be directly downloaded from the sites of the information provider (scraper sites). Kodi uses the following sites which all host artwork...

TV Maze
The AudioDB
Cover Art Archive

Media Managers

There is a range of software that can create nfo files and download artwork and save them to the correct location with correct naming. They perform the same process and function as the Kodi Scraping operation does natively, but they do not add any entries into the Kodi library. Instead they create what is known as NFO files. This file holds all the metadata for that particular movie, tv show or music. The software will also download associated artwork from the scraper site. Kodi can then read this file and scan it into the library along with the artwork.

If choosing to use a media manager, ensure it supports Kodi. All media managers listed on the Kodi forum should be safe to use.

Create Your Own

So you are not happy with the artwork the scraper downloaded? And you just can't find that perfect artwork by manually searching the internet. Then, you will just have to create your own. For those who are artistically minded and can easily navigate around image editing software, then you should be able to easily create your very own user-defined artwork on your computer. Only your imagination is the limit, but be mindful that the artwork needs to remain true to the movie or tv show it represents.

First, check the artwork types used by Kodi... Artwork types

If you intend to share your artwork, best check the image guidelines at the relevant site...

  • Fanart.TV- The premier repository for all things artwork. They have an in-depth guide for artwork requirements
see : Movie Creation Guide
see : TV Show Creation Guide
see : Music Creation Guide
  • The MovieDB- The go to movie scraper site for Kodi. In addition to metadata, they also hold a large repository of artwork that are created and uploaded to the site by people just like you. Read their easy to understand artwork creation guide.
see : themoviedb- Image Creation Guide
  • The TVDB- The go to TV Show scraper site for Kodi. In addition to metadata, they also hold a large repository of artwork devoted to TV Shows. Read their easy to understand artwork creation guide.
see : theTVDB- Image Creation Guide
  • TheAudioDB- The go to scraper site for all things music. They hold metadata on Artists, Albums and Songs with a large collection of music artwork.
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