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Welcome to Official Kodi Wiki! We hope you will contribute much and well. You will probably want to read the help pages. Again, welcome and have fun! Ronie (talk) 12:18, 10 May 2017 (EDT)


Please don't delete redirects. You're breaking off-site links. For example: . Redirects don't impact performance, help search results, and preserve links for old pages. --Ned Scott (talk) 18:05, 30 March 2018 (EDT)

Thanks Ned Scott. I cannot be held responsible for what occurs outside the wiki website. I suppose if the correct link had been added in the first place, it would not be broken.

Considering that it is a 7 year old thread, I don't think it will cause any problem, but I have updated the link for you anyway.

I know you are against deleting anything, but I cannot support that viewpoint.

Best regards Karellen

Karellen (talk) 18:56, 30 March 2018 (EDT)

Quite the opposite, I've deleted more content on this wiki than one could possibly know (literally, as the deletion logs got purged at one point) ;)
A major benifit of redirects is because maintaining links we can't control. Links from the original Xbox days still work, thanks to this system. We took great pains to not break links and to help people find content. Deleting redirects makes sense when the target is also deleted, or for redirects that were only days old, but why would you do it for active targets? There's even a mediawiki maintenance script to take care of broken redirects. There's no technical benifit to deleting them. What's the point? I've got no skin in this game, and I only bother with telling you for your benifit.
Redirects allow us to change page titles without worry. But they also allow us to use alt titles and keywords, which help search results and allow forum users to use shortened versions of page titles. There have even been parts of Kodi's in-app help text that use redirects to shorten URLs. Just a heads up, is all.
I have no interest in telling you what to do, but I wanted to explain why they were created in the first place. I just wanted to help you with something I happen to know about. You've done great work here, I was happy to see you maintain the wiki. I though no one else would care about it, and it would just wither and die. I'm happy that isn't true. -- Ned Scott (talk) 08:53, 2 April 2018 (EDT)

Hi Ned Scott
There are a few things that I would like to tidy up. I fee the wiki has stagnated and is just filled with outdated and redundant information. A huge task to take on, I know but I will slowly chip away at it until I get fed up.
I am aware of the scripts, but prefer to manually process as I get a better and better feel for the wiki and items that need attention. With over 2,700 pages in the Main: namespace, it is a huge task otherwise.
I have a different viewpoint (and we are just airing viewpoints here, no arguments :) ) I feel that re-directs should be used for reasons of nomenclature and disambiguation. To use them otherwise is a sloppy way of building the wiki. All links should be to the title page. Redirects should not be linked to. When a single page has 43 re-directs to it, or there are combinations of empty pages and re-directs that are just daisy chains bringing you back to the page you started on without viewing anything, then I feel there is something wrong. It is these types of scenarios that I am cleaning up. Yes in the process of cleaning those up, things are removed. If that means that a 7 year old link is broken, then I am willing to accept that as the price for updating. I am not arbitrarily picking pages and deleting them. It sure would be easier if redirects weren't case sensitive- we could probably wipe out half the redirects in one swoop.
And considering that hundreds of links to images are now broken with the https changeover and no-one seemed to mind that, then I certainly do not care if some random old link is broken.
No, no offence. Your messages came at the tail end of another conversation, so momentarily felt my back was up against the wall again.
An awkward way to hold a conversation. My email is [email protected]
Karellen (talk) 23:57, 2 April 2018 (EDT)

Ok, just saw your other edit. Is it bad form? I don't think so. I don't mind people correcting errors on my pages. In fact I encourage it. And that is all I did on your page, fixed some errors. I never see you around, had no idea you were still monitoring or active. I do think it is bad form to revert an edit by an Admin though. Anyway, each to their own.

I can't comprehend why you decided to revert the edits, and reinstate all those broken links though...

If I want to concern myself with red links, then that is up to me.

Karellen (talk) 19:19, 30 March 2018 (EDT)

Talk pages are seen as a sort of archive. It's a Wikipedia thing. It's possible to exclude talk pages from redlink reports, if that helps. -- Ned Scott (talk) 08:53, 2 April 2018 (EDT)

Search is broken

Also, I've told Kib about this, but the google site search used by the Kodi Wiki search box has been broken for over a year. It just needs an API key update in the wiki's config page. I had to void the old one, as it was under my personal account, and I didn't think it was appropriate that I had access. It would be best to have the team use the main Kodi google account to register the new site search. When it's done as a non-profit, google won't inject ads. If you need any help just let me know.

I'm sorry if I've been confrontational in any of our exchanges. I have to remind myself that the old ways aren't always the best ways :) --Ned Scott (talk) 09:00, 2 April 2018 (EDT)

@ronie and I discussed this a while ago, but it has fallen by the wayside. Great if Kib can fix.
Karellen (talk) 23:57, 2 April 2018 (EDT)

Happy holidays

Hi Karellen,

Sorry I never responded to your e-mail last month(?), life has been conspiring to take me behind the woodshed lately and it's had me out of sorts. I just wanted to take a minute to say hello, thank you for reaching out to me, and wish you and those dear to you a happy holidays. Hopefully the dust will settle for me in the not-too-distant future and I can begin to contribute around here at a level commensurate with my desire to. Take care.

P.S. Actually, while I'm here, I'd like to put a bug in your ear about possibly upgrading the DPL (third-party) extension to the active fork of the project called DPL3. You might recall that what spurred me to start editing here was that pernicious layout glitch on the Skin features compatibility list that creates the extra column. It still rankles me that I never did find a solution to it and I really would like to squash it, but I think it might be wise to catch that extension up on 2+ years of development work before I do, in case the issue is in the framework and not the implementation. Anyhow, just a thought, hope to see you around the water cooler soon. RogueScholar (talk) 04:44, 22 December 2019 (UTC)