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VBox Home TV Gateway allows you to watch Live TV on your Kodi.

The VBox TV Gateway is a network attached (PVR backend) multi tuner with DVB/ATSC support - for Digital Satellite, Cable or Terrestrial, Free-To-Air and Pay TV (CAM CI), television broadcasts to IP. Compatible with Kodi's PVR frontend clients, such as the VBox TV Gateway Addon, IPTV Simple PVR.


VBox Communication is a company that makes VBox, V@Home, and XTi network attached (PVR backend) DVB TV tuners for Digital Cable, Terrestrial or Satellite TV television broadcasts which have a dedicated PVR client addon for Kodi.

Thie PVR addon for interfacing with VBox Communication's based TV Gateways, which are network television tuners, supporting all the basic functionality you would expect, such as watching, recording and timeshifting. Additionally, it supports augmenting the over-the-air guide data with external XMLTV data.

Features and Models

Main features

  • Live TV - Stream multiple broadcast live TV channels simultaneously over the home network without using the internet or data plan
  • Remote Access - Watch live TV and manage the VBox TV Gateway from anywhere in the world
  • Whole World PVR - Record live or scheduled (with series) TV to a USB attached storage or a NAS (SMB/CIFS)
  • Series Recording - Set series recording automatically using CRID or manually based on time and days
  • Multi-Device - Connect to any UPnP player device or application devices such as iPad, iPhone, tablet, smart phone, "Smart" TV and applications such as Kodi (formerly XBMC), VLC
  • Multi-Room - Distribute live TV over IP network avoiding complex TV installations and reception issues
  • Timeshift - Pause and rewind live TV using the Kodi VBox PVR add-on
  • Quality - Full broadcast quality up to UHD with 3D and surround sound
  • TV Guide - Free EPG captured from the DVB transport stream offered in XMLTV and DVB-EIT
  • Offline Playback - Watch recorded program on an Android mobile device without connecting to the home network or the internet
  • Simple Installation - No need for drivers, setup is done by scanning for available channels using the quick setup page
  • LCN - Automatic channel sorting
  • Network bandwidth optimization - Stream only the data that you need, customize the DVB stream from SPTS to specific audio, subtitle and more
  • SDK - Integrate the VBox TV Gateway functionality in to any application using HTTP commands

List of VBox TV Gateway Devices

Model No. of Tuners RF input Free To Air Pay TV (CAM CI) Description
XTi-3442 2 DVB-T/T2 Yes No Digital 4K UHD Terrestrial
XTi-3452 2 DVB-C Yes No Digital 4K UHD Cable TV
XTi-3342 2 DVB-T/T2 Yes No Digital HD Terrestrial
XTi-3342CI 2 DVB-T/T2 Yes Yes FTA & Pay TV, Digital HD Terrestrial
XTi-3340 2
Yes No Quad Tuner - Combi Digital HD Terrestrial and Satellite
XTi-3352 2 DVB-C Yes No Digital HD Cable TV
XTi-3352CI 2 DVB-C Yes Yes FTA & PAy TV, Digital HD Cable TV
XTi-3350 2
Yes No Quad Tuner - Combi Digital HD Cable and Satellite
XTi-3332 2 DVB-S/S2 Yes No Digital HD Satellite
XTi-3332CI 2 DVB-S/S2 Yes Yes FTA & PAy TV, Digital HD Satellite
XTi-3334 4 DVB-S/S2 Yes No Unicable - Digital HD Satellite
XTi-3334CI 4 DVB-S/S2 Yes Yes Unicable - FTA & PAy TV, Digital HD Satellite

Connecting XBMC/Kodi to VBox Home TV Gateway


The VBox Home TV Gateway can act as UPnP servers, which allow setting up in Kodi to be as easy as adding a normal UPnP file source.
Discover the TV Gateway in Kodi's Video or Live TV sections under UPnP sources all channels and recordings are listed as media files

Kodi Add on

For improved experience and taking full advantage of the Kodi capabilities, you can use one of the Kodi PVR addons to connect the VBox Home TV Gateway

VBox TV Gateway PVR Client Addon

A dedicated vbox.pvr is available as part of Kodi official build from version 15 Isengard
The PVR is developed using the VBox TV Gateway API bringing the VBox functionality to Kodi.

The vbox.pvr add-on provides:

  1. Watch live TV in Kodi in full broadcast quality
  2. Record live TV, schedule and series TV directly on Kodi
  3. Program guide - support of free EPG from the VBox TV Gateway or from external XMLTV source
  4. Program start reminder - Get a reminder before your TV program starts
  5. Timeshift - Pause and rewind live TV programs
  6. Genre colors - Color the TV guide programs according to their genre
  7. LCN number sorting
  8. Improved timers - Advanced recordings options
  9. simple connectivity to VBox TV Gateway
  10. Connect to the VBox TV gateway from anywhere in the world to watch and record TV programs
  11. Signal and stream information

More information and setup instructions - Add-on:VBox TV Gateway PVR Client


  1. Go to Settings -> Add-ons -> Install from repository -> PVR Clients and select the IPTV Simple PVR add-on
  2. Select "Configure"
  3. For Linux installation see... Ubuntu PVR add-ons

On the VBox TV Gateway

  1. Go to Settings -> Manage -> Streaming -> IPTV and copy the auto-generated m3u8 channel playlist, XMLTV EPG and icon location links


Get the latest Tvheadend version
Script for importing VBox playlist to Tvheadend

  1. You can follow the link for a comprehensive script for importing the playlist from a VBox into tvheadend [1]

To manually set the channels

  1. Go to Conf -> DVB Inputs -> Network -> Add IPTV Add each channel as a mux for IPTV.
  2. Map the channels and name them accordingly to their name in the VBox interface


If you have problems using this addon you should first try and contact the author via the Kodi PVR Support forum.

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