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VBox TV Gateway PVR Client

Author: Sam Stenvall
Website: link
Type: PVR

Summary: Watch live and recorded TV programs, browse the program guide and schedule recordings from your VBox TV Gateway devices
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VBox TV Gateway is the simplest way to bring live TV with PVR functionality to Kodi, the VBox PVR addon is compatible with any VBox Home TV Gateway, it automatically collects available channels, Program guide (EPG) and let you schedule recordings. The add on also supports Time Shift to pause and rewind live TV, remote access to watch live TV when you're on the road and external EPG sources.

VBox TV Gateway PVR Client, is a PVR Client Addon to connect VBox TV Gateway, VHome TV Gateway, and [email protected] TV Gateway devices to Kodi.

1 Overview

This is a PVR addon that works with VBox Communication's "XTi" Home TV Gateways [1], which are network television tuners. It supports all the basic functionality you would expect, such as watching, recording and timeshifting. Additionally, it supports augmenting the over-the-air guide data with external XMLTV data.

2 Settings

This Add-on is available as part of the official Kodi build from Kodi v15 and newer

  1. Go to System -> Settings -> Add-ons -> My add-ons -> PVR Clients and select the VBox TV Gateway PVR add-on
  2. Select Configure

Be sure to select Okay when you are done changing settings in order to save those changes and to Enable the add-on

Connection setting (Internal IP)
Mandatory input
Enter the TV Gateway's IP address (from within the home network)
HTTP port - default is 80 - port address for web interface
UPnP port - default is 55555 - streaming port
Connection timeout - default is 3 seconds - when connecting from outside the home network, the add-on attempts to connect to the internal IP address first, and after the set timeout, it attempts to connect using the external IP address
Connection setting (External IP)
Optional input
Use this setting to connect to the TV Gateway from anywhere in the world and continue to watch and record Live and scheduled TV
Enter your network's external IP address or hostname - Enter the external IP address
HTTP port - default is 19999 - External web interface port address, enter the same port address as configured in the Remote Access section of the TV Gateway web management
UPnP port - default is 55555 - External Streaming port address, enter the same port address as configured in the Remote Access section of the TV Gateway web management
Connection timeout - default is 10 seconds - If the add-n cannot connect to the TV Gateway after set time is passed, the Add-on will report that it cannot connect to the TV Gateway. Please check your IP address in the Remote Access section.
EPG - TV Program Guide
default leave blank
By default the add-on presents the free EPG data collected by the VBox TV Gateway from the DVB-SI (System Information) EIT (Event Information Table) stream
Use External XMLTV - To set external program guide source, point to an XMLTV file,
The add-on will automatically match the channels with the XMLTV channels and will create a channel_mappings.xml file located at %UserData%\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\userdata\addon_data\pvr.vbox. to enable manual channel matching
Prefer external EPG over OTA - Use this setting to mix the EPG collected by the VBox TV Gateway with the XMLTV file and provide advantage to the external EPG source
default is disabled
Timeshift allows to pause or rewind an active Live TV channel
Enable Timeshift - will create a temp buffer file that stores the current active Live TV channel. The buffer file reset on channel switch
Timeshift path - Set the buffer file path location
Kodi Live TV
default is disabled
After configuring the vbox.pvr PVR addon - Go to System -> Settings -> TV -> General and press Enabled to enable Kodi's Live TV support

3 QuickStart guide

3.1 Live TV PVR add-on Overview

Live TV Preview Window
The preview window provides a snap view of the channel list, EPG and active live TV channel
Live TV full screen and Control
Full Screen Live TV
Press OK in your remote or tap with your mouse on the screen to open the control bar
Control bar - sorted in order of appearance
  1. Program name
  2. Stream information video / Audio quality
  3. zap channel up or down
  4. Rewind Live TV
  5. Pause Live TV
  6. Forward Live TV
  7. Open channel list menu
  8. Open EPG table
  9. Teletext
  10. Subtitle - connect to the free subtitle captured by the VBox TV Gateway from the DVB-SI
  11. video settings
  12. Mute
  13. Record current Live TV channel
Live TV full screen with Channel list menu
Full Screen Live TV
OSD channel list with list of current program name
Live TV full screen with Program Information
Full Screen Live TV
OSD current channel EPG menu - when pressing on a program it opens the Program information Window
Program Information
  1. Program name
  2. Start, end time
  3. Duration
  4. Genres
  5. Program synopsis
  6. Switch - Switch to channel's Live TV
  7. Add Timer - schedule to record this program using the VBox TV Gateway - recordings are stored on a USB or network storage and shared between devices and applications
  8. OK - close the Program Information window
EPG - Program Guide Table
Program guide table with Program synopsis
When pressing on a TV program the Program Information window pops up
Live TV - Device and Stream information
Monitor active Live TV performance
  1. Audio parameters
  2. Video parameters
  3. Device performance status
PVR stream information
  1. Connected VBox TV Gateway
  2. Tuner details - which tuner is in use
  3. Signal quality
  4. NSR
  5. BER level
  6. Service ID
  7. Encryption
  8. MUX - current MUX in use

3.2 Keyboard shortcuts

  1. Number - press the channel number to jump to a channel
  2. "+-" - Volume - Use the "+" and "-" buttons to change volume
  3. "e" - Full EPG - Load the Full EPG screen
  4. "c" - Channel list window
  5. "b" - Timer list
  6. "i" - Channel info
  7. "r" - Rewind - When timeshift is enabled
  8. "f" - Fast forward
  9. "o" - PVR Stream information
  10. "h" - TV Channel preview mode
  11. "j" - Radio channel preview mode
  12. "k" - TV Recordings
  13. "a" - Audio offset
  14. "'" - Seeking
  15. "<" - Seek backward
  16. ">" - Seek forward
  17. "z" - Stream information
  18. "x" - Exit
  19. "v" - teletext
  20. "m" - Live TV control bar
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