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1 Introduction

A Combination NFO file combines a Parsing NFO and Metadata NFO file. It allows you to override some data with that nominated in the NFO file, but scrape the remainder of the data using the Parsing link.

2 Example

Example: Contents of Combination NFO file:

    <title>Star Wars (99 second cut)</title>
    <set>Star Wars Saga</set>
    <sorttitle>Star Wars 01</sorttitle>
    <genre clear="true">SciFi</genre>

Various tags allow multiple entries, eg multiple <genre> and <director> tags. If you use these tags in a Combination nfo, these tags will have their data added to the scraped entry in the database and, in some cases, may result in duplicate entries. To avoid this, use the clear attribute to clear out the downloaded metadata for those particular tags. See the <genre> tag in the above example.

A listing of which tags allow multiple entries can be found in the appropriate sub-pages. Does not apply to music.


  • Combination NFO files cannot be used for individual episodes or seasons, they can only be used at the TV Show level.
  • If there is more than one URL in the file only the first URL will be used.

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