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1 Introduction

Unlike the video library, Kodi cannot create library entries for music from nfo files. Instead, Kodi scans the embedded tags in the song files to create the library entries. The nfo files can then be used to add additional information to what has already been scanned into the library from the embedded music file tags.

2 nfo Name and Location

For additional artist information each artist needs a separate artist.nfo file inside the artist subfolder located in the Artist information folder. The correct name of the artist subfolder does matter. See left image below

2.1 nfo Tags

The following table lists the available tags that can be used in the artist.nfo file.

The "Required" column indicates whether a tag can be optionally added or ommitted when creating the nfo to suit your purpose.

NFO (xml) Tag Required Overwrites* Multiple ** Notes
<artist></artist> Yes No No The top level parent tag for the nfo file. All other tags must be contained within these two tags
<name></name> No Yes No Overwrites artist name in artist table, when "prefer online info" is "enabled". Does not change that name anywhere else
<musicBrainzArtistID></musicBrainzArtistID> No No No Exported but not imported
<sortname></sortname> No Yes No See: MusicBrainz
<type></type> No No No See: MusicBrainz
<gender></gender> No No No See: MusicBrainz
<disambiguation></disambiguation> No No No See: MusicBrainz
<genre></genre> No No Yes Artist genre is not related to song genre
<style></style> No No Yes
<mood></mood> No No Yes
<yearsactive></yearsactive> No No Yes
<instruments></instruments> No No Yes See: MusicBrainz
<born></born> No No No
<formed></formed> No No No
<biography></biography> No No No
<died></died> No No No
<disbanded></disbanded> No No No
<thumb aspect="" preview="""></thumb> No No Yes Path to available online artist images.
Importing will also accept paths to local art files which can subsequently be exported
<path></path> No No No Exported but not used on Import
No No Yes Artist discography.
A scraped listing not releated to the albums in the library
* If the setting Prefer Online Information in Settings>Media>Music is enabled, these items may be overwritten in the library database.
** With multiple value fields those values are entered using an XML tag per value. When no data exists the XML tag will not be created on export

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