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Game controllers

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Kodi can use several different types of game controllers, gamepads, joysticks, and other game input devices.

1 General guides

Once your controller is recognized by Kodi, follow this guide to configure the physical layout:

Once your controller's layout is configured, you can change the Kodi actions for each button:

Now that your controller is working, share your button map with the world!

If you are using a version of Kodi that includes Emulators, you can map each game platform separately:

2 Controller instructions

If your controller is not recognized by Kodi, follow the HOW-TO for your controller and operating system:

2.1 Windows

2.2 Linux

2.3 PlayStation 4 controller

2.4 NVidia Shield controller

3 Troubleshooting

If buttons are being skipped while mapping your controller, you can try the solutions in this HOW-TO:

Krypton v17.0 has a bug where analog sticks get "stuck" (fixed in v17.1):

If Kodi is started without the correct version of joystick support:

To disable joystick support entirely:

  • HOW-TO:Disable Joystick Support

4 See also