HOW-TO:Fix stuck analog sticks on v17.0

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Kodi v17.0 Krypton has a bug where analog sticks get "stuck" when they are first moved. This has been fixed in v17.1.


Joystick drivers suck. In particular, for some controllers, many triggers are "stuck" and appear as pressed when they are really unpressed.

Kodi tries to detect these anomalous triggers. When a false detection occurs, the trigger or stick will appear stuck.


When Kodi first starts, you should:

  • Press each analog stick slowly
  • Then slowly rotate it 90 degrees
  • Press each trigger slowly

If an analog stick gets stuck, unplug/replug the controller or restart Kodi. Then perform the above steps.

This annoying bug is fixed in the stable Krypton nightly builds and will appear in the first 17.1 release candidate.

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