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Kodi ships with button maps for a small number of controllers on each platform. If you would like your configuration to be included in a Kodi release, it needs to be included in the Joystick Support add-on.

Creating button maps

Button maps are generated by the Joystick Support add-on. Follow the steps in HOW-TO:Configure controllers. It is best if you map multiple controller profiles for each of your controllers; see HOW-TO:Map multiple controllers.

You can find the generated button map in the userdata folder at:

.../userdata/addon_data/peripheral.joystick/resources/buttonmaps/xml/<driver name>/

The button map is an XML file. You can see all existing button maps in the GitHub repo.

Share via GitHub

This is the preferred method. Simply fork the repo, add the button map to the correct folder of the GitHub repo, and send a pull request to

Share via the Forum

If you share outside of GitHub, please include the filename of the button map. A friendly developer will then create a pull request on GitHub for you.

Until we add a thread/subforum for button maps, you can post in the Hardware subforum. Please upload your button map to a pastebin site like and post a link. If you post the XML directly then it clutters the forum, but we'll accept it anyway.

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