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MythTV PVR Client

Author: Christian Fetzer, Jean-Luc Barrière
Website: link
Type: PVR

License: GPL v2.0
Source: Source code
Summary: MythTV PVR Client
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MythTV PVR Client addon is a unofficial native PVR client made by the Kodi community for MythTV PVR backend server software.

This unofficial PVR C/C++ binary addon for MythTV is an open source code community project.

1 What is MythTV

MythTV is a open source software PVR project that is designed to run on Linux, although other operating system packages are available. With MythTV you can watch Live TV, schedule recordings, view episode guide information, and many other features you expect from a DVR type appliance device. But more interesting for Kodi users is that as MythTV uses a distributed application structure it can also be configured as PVR backend (PVR server) for Kodi, supporting multiple Kodi frontends as clients, with MythTV acting as the PVR backend that does work of tuning TV signals, recording, scheduling, and post processing jobs.

By levering existing third-party PVR backend applications such as MythTV that specialize in receiving television signals and support a client–server model which Kodi can access via a PVR client addon, these PVR features allows you to watch Live TV, listen to radio, view a EPG TV-Guide, schedule recordings and enables many other TV related features, all using Kodi as your primary interface once the initial pairing connection to MythTV have been done and configuration of the PVR client addon for it is complete.

2 Connecting Kodi to MythTV

  1. Go to Settings -> Add-ons -> Enabled add-ons -> PVR Clients and select the MythTV add-on
  2. Select "Configure"

3 Links and further reading