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Author: takoi,pkscout
Website: link
Type: Context menu items
Repo: repo v20 repo v19 repo v18

License: GPL-3.0-ONLY
Source: Source code
Summary: View extras and special features
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Provides an easy way to browse and view movie and TV show extras. Extras can be accessed from the context menu in the video library. By default, the add-on will look in the "Extras" sub-folder for content (can be changed in settings).

Tip: for how to avoid extras beings scraped to library, see

1 Installing

This add-on is installed from the Add-on browser located in Kodi as follows:

  1. Settings
  2. Add-ons
  3. Install from repository
  4. Context items
  5. Extras
  6. Install

2 Introduction

The Extras add-on allows easy access to all the bonus material that usually comes packaged with the main movie of the DVD or BluRay. Save these Extras, such as Bloopers, Cast Interviews, Production Notes, etc along with the main movie in a folder named Extras. Access theses Extras from the Context Menu of the movie.

3 Location of Extras folder

By default, the add-on will look for the folder named Extras. The name of this folder can be changed in settings but you can only use one name. The location of the Extras folder is important as failing to locate the folder correctly will return an empty listing.

Following are typical examples of correct placement

3.1 For Movies

The Extras folder must be located in the same folder as your video file. Some typical examples are listed below.

Cannot be used where all movies are in the same folder. (flat folder structure)

3.1.1 DVD Structure

...\Chronicles of Riddick\
...\Chronicles of Riddick\AUDIO_TS\
...\Chronicles of Riddick\VIDEO_TS\
...\Chronicles of Riddick\VIDEO_TS\Extras\

3.1.2 Bluray Structure

...\Lucy (2014)\
...\Lucy (2014)\BDMV\
...\Lucy (2014)\BDMV\Extras\
...\Lucy (2014)\CERTIFICATE\

This assumes you have index.bdmv or MovieObject.bdmv in the \BDMV\ folder. (sub-directories in the BDMV and Certificate directories are intentionally omitted)

3.1.3 Single Movie Folders

...\Lucy (2014)\
...\Lucy (2014)\Extras\

3.2 For TV Shows

You are not able to use Extras per individual episode. Extras for a TV Show are located within the main TV Show folder.

...\Childhood's End
...\Childhood's End\Childhood's End S01E01
...\Childhood's End\Childhood's End S01E02
...\Childhood's End\Childhood's End S01E03
...\Childhood's End\Extras\

3.3 Usage

If you have followed these instructions correctly, selecting Extra's from the Context Menu should return a display similar to this.

4 Preventing Extras Being Added To Library

Extras are video files the same way the main feature movie is a video file. This may cause Kodi to see your Extras as additional movies. To prevent each Extras video file being scraped as a movie, and adding random or duplicated movies into your library, you must tell Kodi not to scrape the Extras folder.

A number of methods are available. A listing is found here Excluding folders and file types or use the Advancedsettings.xml method using the code below by simply copying and pasting the following code into your Advancedsettings.xml file. If you already have an advancedsettings.xml file, do not duplicate the <advancedsettings></advancedsettings> tags.

<advancedsettings version="1.0">
          <regexp>[-\._ ](extrafanart|sample|trailer|extrathumbs)[-\._ ]</regexp>
          <regexp>[-._ \\/](extrafanart|sample|trailer|extrathumbs)[-._ \\/]</regexp>
      <!-- Extras: Section Start -->
      <excludefromscan action="append">
      <excludetvshowsfromscan action="append">
      <!-- Extras: Section End -->

5 Usage

Extras is accessed via the Context Menu. To view Extras:

  1. Highlight the Movie or TV Show
  2. Call up the Context Menu
  3. Select Extras
  4. A listing of the Extras folder will be displayed as shown in the image above.

In previous versions it could also be accessed via the Movie Information page, but has been removed from v17.

6 Known Issues

When I try to play an Extra, Kodi tries to scrape it
This is a result of selecting as default Show Information in the setting Default Select Action
Change this to Play to prevent Kodi from scraping instead of playing.

7 Bug and Issue Reports

If you experience any issues with this add-on, click here and post details of the issue to seek further assistance.

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