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This section lists Kodi compatible equipment and allows adjustment of their settings. The equipment requires appropriate drivers to be installed for Kodi to recognise the hardware.

The Pulse Eight USB-CEC Adapter is an example of one item that will be listed here, and will require the accompanying libCEC software to be included in the Kodi distribution you are using to enable this setting.

See Also: HDMI CEC
See Also: libcec PulseEight


Settings level: Standard
Description: Configure any attached peripheral device

Driver settings

Settings level: Standard
Description: Configure any peripheral add-ons.


Settings for input devices.

Enable mouse and touch screen support

Settings level: Advanced
Description: Use a mouse or touch screen device to control the interface.

Note: Disabling will cause you to lose control over this application when no keyboard or remote is present. If you are suffering loss of control due to this issue:

1. Locate the following line of code in the guisettings.xml file:
2. replace with:
 <enablemouse default="true">true</enablemouse>

See: Touch Screen Controls

Enable controller support

Settings level: Standard
Description: Use a game controller as a remote control to navigate Kodi

See: Game playback controls

Configure attached controllers

Settings level: Standard
Description: Pair your controllers with the various input devices of different game systems.

See: HOW-TO: Configure Controllers
See: HOW-TO: Map Multiple Controllers
See: HOW-TO: Modify Joystick.xml
See: HOW-TO: Share Button Maps


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