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Touch screen devices, such as those for Android and iOS, have a number of default functions and can also be modified using a touchscreen.xml Keymap. The ability to change these controls with a keymap file was added in v13.

1 Default controls

  • Back - Two finger swipe to the left
  • Context menu - Single finger tap and hold or two finger tap
Fullscreen video
  • Skip_steps backward - Swipe to the right
  • Skip_steps forward - Swipe to the left
  • Next chapter or big step forward (+10 minutes) - Swipe up
  • Previous chapter or big step back (-10 minutes) - Swipe down
  • Small step back (-7 seconds) - Two finger swipe to the left
  • Back out of full screen video - two finger tap (or press stop on the OSD controls)
Photo slideshow
  • Zoom in/out on picture - Pinch in/out
  • Rotate picture - Two finger rotate

2 Misc notes

  • Gestures currently only support a max of two fingers on Android. iOS supports three fingers.