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You can use the ActivateWindow() Built In Function to open a certain Window.

This command can be assigned to a button in a skin or mapped to a key in your Keymap.


  • This will take you directly to the settings section/window of xbmc:

Some windows allow you to jump directly to a sub-section of that window. To do this, you can use either the sub-section's name or its path.


  • If you want a button in your skin or on your remote to take you directly to the movie listing, you let that button do:



Below is a list of the available sub-sections in the Videos, Music, and Programs sections/windows.

1 Videos

Sub-section Name Path
Root library://video/
Movies videodb://movies/
MovieGenres videodb://movies/genres/
MovieTitles videodb://movies/titles/
MovieYears videodb://movies/years/
MovieActors videodb://movies/actors/
MovieDirectors videodb://movies/directors/
MovieStudios videodb://movies/studios/
MovieSets videodb://movies/sets/
MovieCountries videodb://movies/countries/
MovieTags videodb://movies/tags/
RecentlyAddedMovies videodb://recentlyaddedmovies/
TvShows videodb://tvshows/
TvShowGenres videodb://tvshows/genres/
TvShowTitles videodb://tvshows/titles/
TvShowYears videodb://tvshows/years/
TvShowActors videodb://tvshows/actors/
TvShowStudios videodb://tvshows/studios/
RecentlyAddedEpisodes videodb://recentlyaddedepisodes/
InProgressTvShows videodb://inprogresstvshows
MusicVideos videodb://musicvideos/
MusicVideoGenres videodb://musicvideos/genres/
MusicVideoTitles videodb://musicvideos/titles/
MusicVideoYears videodb://musicvideos/years/
MusicVideoArtists videodb://musicvideos/artists/
MusicVideoAlbums videodb://musicvideos/albums/
MusicVideoDirectors videodb://musicvideos/directors/
MusicVideoStudios videodb://musicvideos/studios/
RecentlyAddedMusicVideos videodb://recentlyaddedmusicvideos/
Playlists special://videoplaylists/
Video Add-ons addons://sources/video/
Files sources://video/

2 Music

Sub-section Name Path
Root library://music/
Genres musicdb://genres/
Artists musicdb://artists/
Albums musicdb://albums/
Song musicdb://songs/
Top100 musicdb://top100/
Top100Songs musicdb://top100/songs/
Top100Albums musicdb://top100/albums/
RecentlyAddedAlbums musicdb://recentlyaddedalbums/
RecentlyPlayedAlbums musicdb://recentlyplayedalbums/
Compilations musicdb://compilations/
Years musicdb://years/
Singles musicdb://singles/
Files sources://music/
Playlists special://musicplaylists/
Music Add-ons addons://sources/audio/

3 Programs

Sub-section Name Path
Addons addons://sources/executable/
AndroidApps androidapp://sources/apps/

4 AddonBrowser

Sub-section Name Path
My add-ons addons://user/<type>/ (see for available types
Update available addons://outdated/
Currently downloading add-ons addons://downloading/
Recently updated addons://recently_updated/
Install from repository addons://repos/
Install from zip addons://install/
Search addons://search/


Sub-section Name Path Additional View Options
TV channels pvr://channels/tv/*  ?view=lastplayed
Active TV recordings pvr://recordings/tv/active  ?view=flat or ?view=grouped
Deleted TV recordings pvr://recordings/tv/deleted  ?view=flat or ?view=grouped
TV timers pvr://timers/tv/timers
TV timer rules pvr://timers/tv/rules
Radio channels pvr://channels/radio/*
Active Radio recordings pvr://recordings/radio/active  ?view=flat or ?view=grouped
Deleted Radio recordings pvr://recordings/radio/deleted  ?view=flat or ?view=grouped
Radio timers pvr://timers/radio/timers
Radio timer rules pvr://timers/radio/rules

Some pvr paths can take an additional view option by appending ?view=option to the path.


To show a specific group of channels, replace the wild-card asterisk "*" with the group name.

pvr://channels/tv/GROUP NAME/

To show a specific recording directory, append the directory name to the pvr path.


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