Little Known Fire TV Options and Links

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These links aren't very well publicized, but they have a great deal of potential to help if you are running into performance issues in Kodi, want to adjust your video quality, or even monitor the data you're using, if your ISP has imposed a data cap on your account. Some system hacks are also shown here.

Adding and Manipulating Content

Diagnostic Tools

  • Amazon official page on System X-Ray
    • System X-Ray This option allows you to view information about your network, your data speed, and at what rate your videos are playing, among others. Useful for debugging network issues without having to sideload another application.
  • MyNetLyzer Pro is a free app that can display channel congestion in a chart for each frequency range, MAC addresses and other useful information

2nd Generation FireTV Features

  • Data Cap Alert For those that have data caps on your network, this utility will monitor your data usage and alert you when you've hit a limit that you set

Fire TV 3 Utilities

Remote Control Utilities