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What is Sideloading?

  • Sideloading is a term used to describe loading Android software (such as Kodi) on the FireTV that is not recognized by the Amazon community as a FireTV application. This works because the FireOS is actually a fork of Android. There are numerous methods for sideloading applications; see the HOW-TO:Install Kodi on Fire TV article for more on this topic

What is Jailbreaking?

  • Jailbreaking is actually a term borrowed from the iOS community. See this definition from Wikipedia.

Can I install more than one instance of Kodi?

  • If the space is available, the answer is Yes. One way to go about this is to install the latest version of Kodi, then install one of the many forks. See the Forks article for more on this topic.

Installing Kodi

Kodi can be installed on any Fire TV or Fire TV Stick. Root is not required.

See: HOW-TO:Install Kodi on Fire TV

How Do I get Kodi onto the FireTV Home Screen?

Launching Android apps within Kodi

Copying files

The easiest ways to copy files onto the Fire TV for Kodi is to use the Kodi file manager.

Can the FireTV Version of Alexa Interface with Kodi?

  • Not yet; however, there have been many experiments with folks using the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot to communicate with Kodi. In addition, Amazon just added Entertainment Capabilities to Alexa so developers can start writing applications. See this article for more information.

Where Can I Find A History Of Firmware Versions?

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