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Extras may refer to one of the following:

1 Add-ons

The Extras add-on allows easy access to all the bonus material that usually comes packaged with the main movie of the DVD or BluRay. Save these Extras, such as Bloopers, Cast Interviews, Production Notes, etc along with the main movie in a folder named Extras. Access theses Extras from the Context Menu of the movie.
Special Features is inspired by the upcoming Blu-ray features being introduced in Kodi 18. Given a properly structured 'Extras' directory, this addon will present all of the bonus videos, discs and alternate versions of the movies and tv shows in your library.

2 Other

The use of artwork will transform your mundane media player into a showpiece to be proud of, especially when teamed up with your favourite skin. Kodi will allow you to display Movie Posters, Fanart, Album Covers, Actor and Artist images to name a few. Install the Kodi slideshow add-on, and you will have a constant display of video or music fanart to brighten your entertainment room.