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Steps to create your Music Library
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1. Guide Main Page
2. Music Settings
3. Music File Tagging
4. Scanning Music Into Library
5. Artist information folder
6. Scraping Additional Music data

7. Update Music Library
8. NFO Files
8.1 Music NFO Files
9. Artwork
9.1 Music Artwork

10. Import-export library
10.1 Music Import-Export
11. Backup & Recover
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1 Introduction

This page details the following:

  • Adding and removing Sources
  • Scan (import) your music collection into the Music Library.
  • Troubleshooting common problems

A reminder of the following:

2 Adding Music to Library

  • Populating the music library is a two step process.
    • The first step reads the tags embedded in the music files. This is referred to as scanning. If there is any embedded artwork, this will also be scanned and cached.
    • The second optional step fetches additional artwork, artist and album information. This information and artwork can be downloaded from either online sources or fetched from local nfo files. This is referred to as scraping and is covered in detail in the next step of the guide.

2.1 Initial Set Source & Scan

This process achieves the following:

  • Sets your music source(s) in Kodi. Simply explained, this points Kodi to your music files
  • Allows Kodi to scan the tags in the music files and import that data into the library

At this point you should have a functioning Music Library

2.2 Adding Additional Music Sources

2.3 Scan to Library

In step 6 above, you were asked Do you want to add the media from this source to your library?

Click the below link if you selected No and would now like to add the music files into the library

See: Scan Source to Library

3 Troubleshooting

3.1 Library contains random or duplicated entries

This is a result of errors in tagging.

  1. Take note of the errors and correct them by following the recommended procedure in the previous step of the guide- Music Files and Tagging
  2. Once errors are corrected follow the steps detailed in Remove A Source
  3. Re-add the source using the Initial Set Source & Scan procedure detailed above

4 Network Sources

Kodi gives you the ability to listen to music from a variety of sources.
Some examples of sources that allow you to easily access all your digital music collection:

  • On your computer or a NAS (Network Attached Storage) device/system, which supports SMB file sharing
  • Stored directly on the hard drive
  • On CDs/DVDs
  • Streamed from the Internet

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