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Kodi (formerly XBMC) development codenames[1]
Codename Version Inspired by
Atlantis XBMC 8.10[2] The science fiction television series Stargate Atlantis.
Babylon XBMC 9.04[3] The titular space station in the television series Babylon 5, itself a namesake of the capital city of the ancient Babylonian Empire.
Camelot XBMC 9.11[4] The name of the castle and court which served as the capital of the realm in which the Arthurian legends are set.
Dharma XBMC 10.0[5] A fictional research project, the DHARMA Initiative was a recurring plot element in the television series Lost.
Eden XBMC 11.0[6] The paradisiacal setting for the creation narrative common to the Abrahamic religions, in which it is said that mankind first dwelt.
Frodo XBMC 12.0[7] The personal nickname of one of the three founders of the XBMC project, Erwin "Frodo" Beckers.[8]
Gotham XBMC 13.0[9] A fictional city in which Batman, the DC Comics superhero, resides (commonly believed to be an abstraction of New York City).
Helix Kodi 14.0[10] An American science fiction/horror television series entitled Helix, which was airing at the time of this release.
Isengard Kodi 15.0[11] The 'Iron fortress' which is depicted as an "industrial hell" in J.R.R. Tolkien's legendarium.
Jarvis Kodi 16.0[12] The A.I. that Tony Stark created, responsible for controlling his Iron Man armor (an acronym for Just A Rather Very Intelligent System).
Krypton Kodi 17.0[13] The fictional planet named after the chemical element with symbol Kr and atomic number 36, where Kal-El (better known as Superman) was born.
Leia Kodi 18.0[14] Leia Organa, a fictional princess and later general from Alderaan, who is one of the main protagonists in the Star Wars franchise.
Matrix Kodi 19.0[15][16] An American media franchise consisting of four feature films created by the Wachowskis
Nexus Kodi 20.0[17][18] Multiple connections- Blade Runner, Star Trek, World of Warcraft, StarCraft.
Omega Kodi 21.0[19] Multiple connections.