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Frequently Asked Questions for upgrading to XBMC v11 (Eden) from a previous version. Includes how to enable some of the new features, where some controls got moved to, etc.

1 General FAQ

See also: All_platforms_FAQ for FAQs that apply to all versions of XBMC.

1.1 What is "Eden"?


Eden is the "codename" for Kodi version 11. It was released on 24 March 2012.

1.2 Where can I see a full changelog?


See: XBMC v11 (Eden) changelog

1.3 How do I upgrade to v11?

[[#Apple TV 1 (silver)

Just install/copy the new version of XBMC over the old one.

  • HOW-TO:Install XBMC on Apple TV 1

1.4 Will I lose my settings/library in the upgrade?


For most users, no. All settings and your library will be preserved in an upgrade. Settings that aren't preserved are those that have been reorganised, renamed, set to a new default - usually it's only a handful, and only things that don't really matter. However, it never hurts to do a backup of your userdata folder (where all the settings/library DB files are stored).

If you are using MySQL then see #MySQL

1.5 Do I need to do anything for MySQL library syncing?


Yes, See: Upgrading XBMC from v10 to v11

1.6 What happens if I don't like XBMC v11, can I just install XBMC v10.1 again?


Yep. Whilst Eden does "upgrade" the library, it stores a dharma compatible copy. Just replace the Eden application with Dharma. It is still recommended to always make a backup of your userdata folder before updating, just incase.

1.7 What might break with the transition from v10 to v11?


Most things from v10 will work in v11. However:

  • Add-ons may not work, prompting XBMC to ask you to disable them. You can keep using them if you wish (by choosing not to disable them), but doing so is unsupported.
  • Skins - needs to be updated for Eden - check your skin has been upgraded ready for Eden. If you have problems starting up XBMC after updating, you might need to move/delete your guisettings.xml file (see Userdata for location) to reset your skin.

1.8 What happened to Library/File mode for videos?


There is no longer a library or file mode. Instead of being "modes" they are now "views". You simply navigate to the library and "Files" rather than use a toggle. While in File view you can now use library features, such as summaries, cover art, etc, just navigable as folders and manual organization.

1.9 How do I make file names show up in File view?


By default v11 will replace file names with library titles when it has scanned that file into the library. You can turn this off by changing the settings:
Settings -> Videos -> File Lists -> Replace file names with library titles

1.10 In videos where is the "Make default" option?


"Make default" option has been removed to reduce menu cluter. Users are advised a similar result can be achieved through adding a video to favourites and access through there (most skins can display a favourite as a separate menu item or submenu option):

1.11 What happened to "manually add to library"?


It's gone. It was believed that it wasn't useful due to the amount of information it would add to the file (none - apart from name). If you want the file in the library then use nfo files, they allow more information to be added and there are many programs available to make them on a variety of platforms.

1.12 Movie sets removal and scraping


Movie sets now have a GUI option to turn them on or off, off being the default.
Settings -> Video -> Library -> Group movies in sets

Sets data is scraped automatically (unless you use Add-on:Universal_Movie_Scraper and turn it off in settings), but can be overwritten with NFO_files files or Add-on:XWMM.

1.13 How do I change Celsius to Fahrenheit (and vise versa) for weather?


Go to Settings -> Appearance -> International -> Region and select your local Region and time format.

1.14 How do I make the default skin look like it did in v10?


You can install the vertical version of the default skin (Confluence) (minus the new features in v11) by installing the alternative version:
Settings -> Add-ons -> Get add-ons -> -> Skins -> Confluence Vertical

1.15 My remote control isn't working right in XBMCbuntu (Live)?


XBMCbuntu (aka, XBMC Live) v11 shipped with a new kernel version which change the way your remote control is supported. Most of the IR drivers are now supported directly by the Linux kernel it self instead of LIRC. See XBMC will likely receive plain keystrokes in these situations, instead of getting commands via lirc, causing the remote to behave differently.

1.16 Did HD audio/Audio Engine get added in v11?


Nope. HD audio/AudioEngine wasn't ready in time, so it got pushed back to v12. Unofficial builds containing test-versions of audio engine are sometimes posted on the XBMC forums, but are not officially supported.

1.17 Did PVR/DVR get added in v11?


Nope, wasn't planned for v11. Like with AE builds, you can find unofficial test builds on the forums from time to time, if you don't mind the bugs.

1.18 Did Hi10P support get added in v11?


Nope, wasn't planned till at least v12. Support for Hi10P can be found with the current nightly builds of XBMC (late April 2012).

1.19 Help for new features


This is a list of major new features that have a wiki page:

  • New network protocols: NFS, AFP
  • AirPlay
  • HOW-TO:Modify_dirty_regions
  • Media stubs
  • Movie sets
  • Play from here
  • Path substitution
  • Volume amplification/dynamic compression: Video_playback#Video_Player_OSD
  • Archive:Slingbox
  • iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) and Apple TV 2 (black) port
  • Weather uses add-ons
  • Web_interface

1.20 Where can I get more help?


The XBMC support forums: