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On Wednesday, May 2, 2012, 17:35h UTC, a Kodi Forum thread titled XBMC 13.0 - codename "G?" was created to record suggestions for the codename to be used for what would become the v13 stable release of Kodi.

The Team has spoken

During November 2012, Ned Scott administered a poll on the popular Condorcet Internet Voting Service (CIVS) to determine the codename of the Kodi stable release which was to follow v12 "Frodo." At its conclusion on Thursday, November 22, 2012, 09:21h UTC with 36 total votes cast by Team Kodi members, "Gotham" was the Condorcet winner and became the codename for the subsequent release of Kodi v13. The results remain available for public inspection.

Nominees and results

Result Name Picture Origin Notes
1st Gotham <img src="" width="220px"/> Fictional city where DC Comics superhero Batman lives Undefeated vs. all other choices
2nd Genesis <img src="" width="220px"/> First book of the Hebrew Bible and Christian Old Testament Loses to Gotham, 16–10
3rd Gizmo <img src="" width="220px"/> Small, furry creature voiced by Howie Mandel in the 1984
American horror film wikipedia:Gremlins
Loses to Genesis, 13–12
4th Galilei <img src="" width="220px"/> Italian polymath credited with the development of
observational astronomy
Loses to Gizmo, 14–10
5th Grendel <img src="" width="220px"/> Antagonist in Anglo-Saxon epic poem Beowulf Loses to Galilei, 13–11
6th Grimlock <img src="" width="220px"/> Fictional leader of the Dinobots in the American animated
television robot franchise The Transformers
Loses to Grendel, 13–11
7th Gremlin <img src="" width="220px"/> Mischievous 20th century folkloric creature to whom unexplained
malfunctions in aircraft and other machinery are attributed
Loses to Grimlock, 11–9
8th Gandalf <img src="" width="220px"/> Wizard in J.R.R. Tolkien's legendarium Loses to Gremlin, 13–9
9th Golem <img src="" width="220px"/> Anthropomorphic being in Jewish folklore created entirely from
inanimate matter (usually clay or mud)
Loses to Gandalf, 12–10
10th Gargamel <img src="" width="220px"/> Fictional wizard who is the sworn enemy of the titular
protagonists of the Belgian comic franchise The Smurfs
Loses to Golem, 9–7
11th Goo <img src="" width="220px"/> Metamorphic flying blue mermaid who spits blue goo balls in
the American clay animation franchise Gumby
Loses to Gargamel, 9–8
12th Gollum <img src="" width="220px"/> Stoor hobbit originally named Sméagol in
J.R.R. Tolkien's legendarium
Loses to Goo, 9–7
Gallifrey <img src="" width="220px"/> Fictional planet in the British science fiction television series
Doctor Who
Loses to Gollum, 10–8
Genie <img src="" width="220px"/> Invisible spirit creatures in early pre-Islamic Arabian mythology Loses to Gollum, 10–7
15th Godzilla <img src="" width="220px"/> Titular destructive, prehistoric sea monster from a
Japanese film series
Loses to Gallifrey, 8–7
16th Goodspeed <img src="" width="220px"/> Father of the fictional character Ethan Rom, the original
antagonist of the American television series Lost
Loses to Godzilla, 9–8
17th Godfather <img src="" width="220px"/> Fictional head of New York crime family in Mario Puzo's novel,
The Godfather
Loses to Goodspeed, 7–4
18th Green Goblin <img src="" width="220px"/> Alias of several supervillains appearing in American comic books
published by Marvel Comics
Loses to Godfather, 9–8
19th Grayling <img src="" width="220px"/> Common name of several species of freshwater food and
game fish in the family Salmonidae
Loses to Green Goblin, 8–5
20th Galadriel <img src="" width="220px"/> Elf queen in J.R.R. Tolkien's legendarium Loses to Grayling, 7–4
21st Gangnam Style <img src="" width="220px"/> K-pop song by South Korean rapper Psy whose music video
went viral
Loses to Galadriel, 8–5
22nd Garfield Garfield.png Titular orange cat in American comic strip by Jim Davis Loses to Gangnam Style, 7–6
23rd Glocal <img src="*ygc-hnmg3KKlHkly" width="220px"/> Reflecting or characterized by both local and global
considerations, or the end state of the process of Glocalization
Loses to Garfield, 7–4
Glitter <img src="" width="220px"/> An assortment of small, reflective particles that come in a variety
of shapes, sizes, and colors
Loses to Glocal, 5–4
Gold <img src="" width="220px"/> Precious metal and chemical element with the symbol Au and
atomic number 79
Loses to Glocal, 5–3
26th Gamgee <img src="" width="220px"/> Surname of a hobbit in J.R.R. Tolkien's legendarium Loses to Gold, 5–4
27th Gaga <img src="" width="220px"/> An informal English word meaning 'senile', 'insane' or 'infatuated' Loses to Gamgee, 6–3
28th Gesus Gesus.png Sardinian form of the masculine given name derived from Iēsous, the
Ancient Greek translation of the Hebrew and Aramaic name Y'shua
Loses to Gaga, 6–3
Glorfindel <img src="" width="220px"/> An elf lord in J.R.R. Tolkien's legendarium Loses to Gesus, 5–4
Girls <img src="" width="220px"/> Plural word used to describe young human females, typically in childhood or adolescence Loses to Gesus, 6–3