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*[[HOW-TO:Change the episode thumbnail in Confluence]]
*[[HOW-TO:Change the episode thumbnail in Confluence]]
*[[HOW-TO:Remove ratings in Confluence]]
*[[HOW-TO:Remove ratings in Confluence]]
*[[HOW-TO:Remove the logo in Confluence]]
*[[HOW-TO:Simplify the seekbar in Confluence]]
*[[HOW-TO:Simplify the seekbar in Confluence]]

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See this add-on on the kodi.tv showcase

Author: Jezz_X, Team Kodi

Type: skin
Repo: Kodi.tv repo v19
Kodi.tv repo v18
Kodi.tv repo v17

Summary: Confluence skin by Jezz_X. (Kodi's default skin)
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See the Confluence sub-forum for more information.
Confluence is the default skin for Kodi 9.11 and above. It is a combination of concepts from many popular skins, and attempts to embrace and integrate their good ideas into a skin that should be easy for first time Kodi users to understand and use.

1 Installing

To install this add-on you must do so from the Add-on manager from within Kodi by going to

  1. The home screen
  2. Add-ons
  3. Download
  4. Confluence
  5. Install

2 Skin features compatibility

Confluence skin is among other features compatible these features:

3 Settings

Confluence specific settings are accessible from the main menu by going to Settings -> Appearance -> Skin -> Settings.

4 Media flags

Media can be flagged with following media source flags for Confluence (Kodi's default skin):

  • DVD, if the filename contains DVD.
  • Bluray, if the filename contains BLURAY, BRRIP, BD25, or BD50.
  • HDDVD, if the filename contains HDDVD.
  • TV, if the filename contains HDTV, PDTV, or DSR.
  • VHS, if the filename contains VHS.

5 Mods

See http://forum.kodi.tv/forumdisplay.php?fid=125 for even more Confluence mods.

6 Video demos

7 Notes