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Tips for maintaining release changelogs


If any of you guys are looking to volunteer at maintain a condensed changelog then may I suggest that you utilize the XBMC article on Wikipedia and/or XBMC's own Wiki here on wiki.xbmc.org

XBMC condensed changelog is available on Wikipedia today as release history listed under the Releases section (click [expand] to see the list):

Most of that information has been copied the Changelog (for a full changelog) and Releases (for condensed changelogs history) articles on wiki.xbmc.org or vice verse:

Before the changelogs wiki.xbmc.org was listed per point release:

Best source today is the closed pull requests, and you also have all non-pull repository checkins under Timeline on XBMC's Trac site:

There used to be a condensed changelog available as Roadmap on XBMC's Trac but that has not been maintained for a long time:

Some more information on the new Frodo features also look to be available in the xbmc.org wiki today, and hopefully this will become a tradition to follow in future releases as well:

Personally I think it is uninteresting to keep a condensed changelog for each nightly or even alpha releases, as the blog posts on xbmc.org work better for those.

Regards // Gamester17 13:16, 15 November 2012 (EST)

Awesome work, and great to see you back in action, Gamester17! -- Ned Scott 13:45, 15 November 2012 (EST)