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Andreas Setterlind (a.k.a. Gamester17)
Former XBMC Project Manager and Global Forum Moderator, now inactive with the exception from a few wiki contributions then and again, otherwise just an end-user and family man these days.

Nationality: Swedish
Current country of residence: Sweden
Daytime-job: Windows Server and VMware vSphere Virtualization Technician

My thanks goes out to

  • Special thanks to everyone in Team-Kodi who stay active, and everyone inactive or retired who is still contribute on occasions
  • Thanks to Frodo, RUNTiME and d7o3g4q for starting XBMP, as well as JMarshall, Davilla, Spiff, elupus, and Topfs2 making XBMC grow up
  • Thanks to all Team Kodi/XBMC members and new developers who submit code patches over the years
  • Thanks to everyone who has ever contributed to Kodi or XBMC in any positive way