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This category contains the settings for how the UPnP service is handled. UPnP is also called DLNA on most consumer electronics

1 General

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1.1 Enable UPnP support

Settings level: Basic
Description: Enables the UPnP support. With this setting enabled you are able to configure Kodi to either act as a UPnP server or a UPnP client. Both are not enabled by default by enabling this setting and need to be en- or disabled individually by changing the settings below. If you have enabled one or the other before, this setting will enable or disable every preconfigured configuration you might have done before. So this setting can be understood as an overall-setting for UPnP.

1.2 Share my libraries

Settings level: Basic
Description: This will enable the UPnP server and will therefore allow you to stream media in your libraries to a UPnP client on your network.
See also: UPnP Server
See also: How to share libraries using UPnP

1.3 Announce library updates via UPnP

Settings level: Standard
Description: By enabling this setting the UPnP clients will be notified if a manual or automatic library update occures on the UPnP server.
See also: Automatic video library update on startup
See also: Automatic music library update on startup
See also: Manually updating video library
See also: Manually updating music library

1.4 Look for external subtitles

Settings level: Standard
Description: Look for external subtitles for videos provided by the UPnP server. This can cause extensive CPU, filesystem and network load.
See also: Subtilte settings

1.5 Look for remote UPnP players

Settings level: Standard
Description: Enable the UPnP control point. This allows you to stream media to any UPnP client and control its playback.

1.6 Allow control of Kodi via UPnP

Settings level: Standard
Description: This setting enables the UPnP client. It will allow you to stream media from any UPnP server with a control point and control playback from that server.