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This category contains the settings for how the AirPlay service is handled

1 General

Services airplay.JPG

1.1 Enable AirPlay support

Settings level: Standard
Description: By enabling this setting you are able to receive content from other AirPlay devices or applications.
See also: Airplay

1.2 Allow volume control

Settings level: Advanced
Description: Allows volume control from AirPlay clients.

1.3 Use password protection

Settings level: Standad
Description: Enabling Airplay passwort protection

1.4 Password

Settings level: Standard
Description: Set the AirPlay password.

1.5 Enable AirPlay "Videos" and "Pictures" support

Settings level: Basic
Description: Enables support for receiving "videos" and "pictures" via AirPlay. This needs to be disabled when using iOS 9 or later clients to restore music streaming via AirPlay. "Video" and "Pictures" are only supported for iOS clients using iOS 8.x and older.