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Attention.png NOTICE:
Due to changes made by Apple, AirPlay support depends on what version of iOS your sending-device is using:
  • iOS 8 or older: Kodi supports audio, video, and pictures.
  • iOS 9 or newer: Kodi only supports audio.

As of v11 (Eden), Kodi has very limited support for being an AirPlay target, allowing any device/platform that can run Kodi to receive some AirPlay content.

To enable the service go to

Settings -> Services -> AirPlay and enable AirPlay

Features and known issues

  • An AirPlay password can be optionally set.
  • All platforms support video (without DRM, meaning videos downloaded from the iTunes store will not play in Kodi). Audio within the video will also work on all platforms.
  • AirPlaying from some apps adds DRM which prevents Kodi from playing the video.
  • All platforms support pictures.
  • All platforms support music (with or without DRM).
  • AirPlay mirroring is currently unsupported.
  • AirPlaying music will show meta data (song/artist info, etc). Currently only works when AirPlaying from iTunes on a desktop computer. Also works when playing from iOS 8.3.


  • Linux/Ubuntu users will need to install avahi-daemon:
    sudo apt-get install avahi-daemon #(on Ubuntu)
  • Linux/Arch users will need to install avahi and shairplay and start avahi-daemon service:
    sudo pacman -S avahi shairplay #(on Arch)
    sudo systemctl enable avahi-daemon
    sudo systemctl start avahi-daemon
  • Mac OS X needs no additional set-up.
  • Network, be sure that your router allow multicast traffic