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1 Introduction

The Season Rename feature allows you to change the name of a TV Show Season from the default Season x format to a name of your choosing. This can be used in Anime, or those TV Shows that have special names for Seasons, like Torchwood.

The image to the right shows the modified season names for the last two seasons.

2 Editing Season Names

Navigate to, and highlight the Season to be renamed. Use the Context Menu to access the function and then follow the directions under each image.

After highlighting an item (eg a movie) the Context Menu can be invoked by:

  • long press the OK key
  • Press letter C on a keyboard
  • right-clicking with the mouse

As a side note, Season Artwork can be added and modified from the Choose art option shown in Image 2 above.

3 Known Issues

<namedseason number="1"></namedseason>
This tag is used to rename Season folders in Kodi. eg Season 3 of Torchwood can be renamed to Children of Earth. The following issues exists in v16 and later :
  1. When renaming Season folders from the Context Menu, the changes will not be exported using either the Single or Separate Files method
  2. When importing a show using NFO Files that contain these xml tags, the initial import will ignore these tags
  3. Once the TV Show is imported into the library, perform a Refresh on that TV Show. Kodi will then recognise these tags.
Possible fix in progress here...

This issue is resolved in the nightly releases for v18 built after March 27th 2018. It will not be backported to earlier releases. This issue will be removed from this page upon the Official Release of v18

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