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In the case of derivate products that are forked from or derived from the product of an approved trademark user and released under a different brand name, approval is not automatically transferred unless explicitly stated below. Where XBMC Foundation trademarks, wordmarks or logos continue to be used in the new product a new application to the XBMC Foundation board must be made as for a new product.

Where a derivative product is not approved, or later has any approval revoked, this does not prejudice the use of XBMC Foundation trademarks, wordmarks or logos by either the parent product or any further derivative products forked from the product in question.

If any approved user of XBMC Foundation trademarks, wordmarks or logos becomes aware of a fork or other derivative of their product which is abusing or otherwise violating either the XBMC Foundation distribution or trademark policies, they should notify the XBMC Foundation Board of the fact and identity of the violator, so investigations and/or action may be taken.

List of Approved Trademark Users

The following individuals or groups have been given approval to use XBMC Foundation trademarks, wordmarks and logos by the Foundation board for usage in accordance with the XBMC Trademark Policy:

  • LibreELEC
  • OpenELEC
  • OSMC
  • Debian and distributions derived from it.