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1 Donations

XBMC is a fairly expensive operation to maintain, and as such, we are always happy to welcome new sponsors to the fold, as additional sponsorships tend to make it easier to further development and spread the word. Donations are used solely for purchasing hardware, to improve and extend XBMC, travel for conferences, operational costs and administrative/legal costs and fees. The "XBMC Foundation" is the non-profit organization that operates and endorses the XBMC Media Center project, and is registered in the US.

The XBMC Foundation remains a non-profit organization, and as such, we would like very much to combine simple financial growth with definite software and community growth.

Donations can be made via our donations page.

2 Donors

Everyone who donates $50+ may be recognized as an official XBMC donor in the forums. Please provide your exact forum username in the donation form to the right, so that you may be identified.

In addition to recognition in the forum, you may also be recognized in the Donor Wall below. If you don’t have a forum name and you’d still like to be on the below wall, you are welcome to simply put your first name in the username box. If you’d like to include a comment, include it on the donation page where it says “Note to seller.”

3 Recurring Donations

Recurring Donations are intentionally smaller amounts that can be counted toward XBMC Donor+ status. They automatically renew every month unless you cancel your subscription. Once you’ve donated $50 or more, send us an email with the receipts. To cancel your subscription at any time, follow instructions provided by Paypal.