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1 Introduction

The Movie Set Information Folder (MSIF) is a user nominated folder that Kodi will scan to locate local artwork for movie sets/collections.

If you do not use local artwork and rely on the scrapers to provide your artwork then there is no requirement for you to use this feature.

Most users are familiar with the movie Source added in Kodi which contains movie folders which in turn contain the video file, artwork and NFO file for a movie. The Movie Set Information Folder is the same concept and will contain a sub-folder for each movie set which in turn contains the artwork for the movie set.

Work for movie sets commenced for v18 when it was agreed that Movie Sets should be classed as a seperate media type within Kodi. Scrapers and Kodi were updated to scrape online movie set artwork. In v19 the feature was completed by allowing native scanning of local movie set artwork. [1]


  • This is a v19 and later feature.
  • Only one MSIF can be used in Kodi.
  • From v19 Artwork Beef will no longer be available to load movie set artwork from local files.
  • This is the only method that Kodi will use to search and cache local movie set artwork. Movie set artwork saved in the movie folders will not be recognised.

2 Create Your MSIF

The first step is to create your Movie Set Information Folder.

  • The folder can be created anywhere Kodi can access
  • Avoid creating the folder inside another Kodi Source. ie do not create it inside your movie or tv show source folders
  • Image 1 above shows the folder f:\Movies- Sets Art\ as the Movie Set Information Folder

3 Set MSIF

The second step is to set the new Movie Set Information Folder in Kodi.

  1. Go to Settings > Media > Videos
  2. Locate the setting Movie set information folder and select it
  3. Navigate to the new Movie Set Information Folder, enter it and select OK
  4. Your new setting should be saved

If you have not already done so, set the artwork types to be scanned into the library. This is a new process for v19. There is no longer a need to adjust artwork settings in scrapers.

  1. From the above Movie set information folder setting scroll down the page to Artwork level
  2. Select your preferred artwork level:
    1. Maximum - All available artwork in the folder will be scanned. This includes all artwork regardless of name and type.
    2. Basic - Minimal artwork- Poster and Fanart only for Movies and Movie Sets
    3. Custom - Create a whitelist of artwork to scan
    4. None - No artwork will be scanned.


  • The advancedsettings.xml method of whitelisting artwork has been removed in v19.
  • Any whitelisted tags in the advancedsettings.xml file will be automatically saved to the Custom artwork level in v19 the first time you run Kodi with that advancedsettngs.xml file.

4 Create Movie Set Sub Folders

The third step is to create your movie set sub-folders which will contain the local artwork. There are a few ways to accomplish this as listed below. Choose the method that best suits your setup.

Regardless of which method you choose, the following requirements apply:

  • The Movie Set Information Folder must contain movie set sub-folders.
  • The movie set sub-folder must be named exactly as the collection is named in the Kodi library. The name you see in Kodi or in an NFO file is the name you use.
  • Artwork in each movie set folder must be named in the short format. eg fanart, poster, clearart etc See image 1 above.

Note- Illegal characters in the movie set name are replaced with an underscore _ eg Mission: Impossible Collection becomes Mission_ Impossible Collection

4.1 Manual

Create each movie set sub-folder manually and transfer your local artwork.

4.2 Export

Once you update to v19, run an Export to Separate Files

  1. Ensure you have adjusted all the settings described above
  2. Choose Yes to Export Artwork
  3. Choose No to Overwrite old files
  4. Kodi will create all the movie set sub-folders with artwork from the cache. Be aware that if you have not used this feature previously, it will export artwork and NFO files for everything in your video library and save them next to all your video files.
  5. Run a search and delete to remove the artwork files from the movie set sub-folders and replace with your original artwork files

4.3 Artwork Dump

Artwork Dump is the v19 replacement of Artwork Beef.

After updating to v19, install Artwork Dump and adjust the settings

  1. Enable Add artwork for new videos after library updates
  2. Nominate which Media types to process automatically
  3. Enable Automatically preload local video library artwork to Kodi texture cache
  4. Run the add-on. This will create your movie set folders and download the original artwork to the sub-folders

See: Artwork Dump forum thread

5 Using MSIF

No special procedure is required to scan the artwork from the movie set sub-folder. When a movie is scraped that belongs to a collection, and a correct movie set sub-folder is available, Kodi will scan the artwork.

If a movie set sub-folder is added after a collection is already created in the Kodi library:

  • Scanning/scraping another movie from the collection will load the artwork from the movie set sub-folder
  • Alternatively you can load the artwork manually using the Choose Art method:
    • Navigate to the collection in the Kodi library
    • From the Context menu select Manage > Choose art
    • Select artwork for the required artwork types

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