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1 Introduction

This page describes another method to access the log file using the Kodi File manager. This method can be used as the fallback option if the Kodi Logfile Uploader is not functioning on your installation. If you are using a desktop type operating system such as Windows, using the Kodi File Manager is not necessary as all files can be accessed through the file browser of the operating system.

The File Manager is a remote control friendly interface that uses an A-B panel system. Files selected from Panel A can be copied into Panel B, for example. A full list of available functions is shown in the Context Menu image below.

Adding a Source here is the same process as adding a Source for Movies, TV Shows and Music. Sources added here will not show in the Media Sources page and vice-versa.

When adding Sources, either panel can be used to Add Source as the newly added source will display in both panels. When adding the Source which you intend to transfer the Log File to, ensure that it is a location that is easily accessible. It can be network share, USB drive or other accessible location which will allow you to later browse and obtain the log from.

2 Which Log do I choose

The Kodi logs are Session Logs. The logs are written from Kodi startup to Kodi shutdown (or crash). The next time you start Kodi, the existing kodi.log is renamed Kodi.old.log and a new kodi.log is created for this new session. In effect you only ever have two logs available- the current one, and the previous one.

Which log you upload depends...

  1. If you have created the log which captures the problem and have not restarted Kodi, then upload kodi.log
  2. If you have created the log which captures the problem and have restarted Kodi, maybe because it crashed, then upload kodi.old.log

3 Steps

To gain access to the Logfile, follow these steps...

Step 1: Access the File manager from the Settings menu. See: Basic controls

Step 11: The log should now be accessible outside Kodi. Continue with the steps to upload the log as shown in Easy Method- Upload Log or Advanced Method- Upload Log


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