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EmbER (short for "Embedded Entertainment ROM") is a JeOS Linux distribution based on Buildroot with the primary goal of providing a streamlined, completely optimised Pure Linux implementation of Kodi to Amlogic devices.

EmbER's development is primaraly focussed on Amlogic devices, discussion has been raised about expanding to other devices including, Raspberry Pi, some Allwinner SoC based TV Boxes and Cubox-i.

1 Main features

  • EmbER is compatible with a large range of Amlogic 8726-M6/MX/M8 TV Boxes.
  • EmbER is simple to install and will have you setup and running Kodi in minutes.
  • EmbER is optimised for the hardware that it runs on - from pre-configured remotes to fully optimised video drivers.

Additional features for donating users:

  • EmbER provides OTA (Over the Air) updates on a regular basis.
  • EmbER includes a package installer for installing background servers (currently under development).

2 Installing EmbER

To install EmbER on your device, head to http://ember-dev.com/downloads and check your device for compatibility with the images of supported hardware. Download the files relevant to your device and follow the instructions provided in the "README - how to update.txt" file carefully.