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Buildroot (BR) is a simple, efficient and easy-to-use tool to generate embedded Linux systems through cross-compilation:

It allows experienced embedded hackers to generate a custom/minimal kodi distribution.

Using Buildroot, kodi was successfully run on i.MX6 platforms (like Armadeus APF6Dev or Wandboard]) and Raspberry Pi.


  • Buildroot will generate you Linux kernel and rootfs images so you have to know how to update these on your embedded board.
  • As of 02/2015 kodi version integrated in BR is: 14.1-Helix

i.MX6 platforms

  • Use BR 2015.05 (soon coming) version
  • Options to activate:
    • glibc toolchain
    • Target packages ---> Hardware handling ---> -*- Freescale i.MX libraries ---> i.MX platform (imx6q) + imx-vpu + gpu-viv-bin-mx6q
    • Target packages ---> Libraries ---> Multimedia ---> [*] libfslvpuwrap
    • Target packages ---> Audio and video applications ---> [*] kodi ---> [*] alsa


  • TBDL


  • kodi is launched by default at boot

i.MX6 platforms

  • don't forget to configure your Audio Output (up to 3 possible on i.MX6)
  • A team developer (IRC Nickname: fritsch) advised to manually create ALSA config files for each output. Ex: [1] & [2]. Otherwise you are not able to select Audio Output other than first/default one.
    • one may ask why it's not already in mainline ALSA...

Known problems

  • kodi doesn't handle tslib touchscreens correctly (/at all ?)
    • even if ts_calibrate was done, pointer is still not calibrated when kodi is launched...
  • kodi developpers seem to prefer use kodi internal ffmpeg instead of official one. BR uses official one by default.

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