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Kodi supports most embedded chapter markers when included in videos. Chapters can be skipped using up/down on most remotes and keyboards, which use the Action IDs "ChapterOrBigStepForward/Back".

As of v15, Kodi will also display chapters in the bookmarks window, accessible from the on-screen-display controls during playback. Kodi will automatically generate thumbnails for chapters upon playback of the video, which will then get cached/saved for future use.


Video Playback OSD 03.jpg

Video bookmarks allow you to create saved points within your videos in order to be able to return to them. This could be compared to chapters in DVD videos. In order to create them, go to the point in your video that you wish to bookmark, select the button with the folded paper (from the Videos OSD), and select Create Bookmark. To jump to a previously stored bookmark, simply highlight and select it through the Videos OSD.

You can clear all the saved bookmarks by selecting "Clear bookmarks". Note: Because of an old bug Kodi will practically never resume exactly at the bookmark. It always resumes 5-10 s later.

Episode bookmarks

Starting in v13, you can set "episode bookmarks" for video files or ISOs that contain multiple episodes. This will allow you to jump directly to the point when a given episode begins, from the library, even if it is in the middle of the video file.

In addition to using the bookmark window to set episode bookmarks, you can also use the Video playback createepisodebookmark with a remote control or keyboard button. This will simply pop up the episode selection box shown in steps 3 and 4 below.


  • Kodi won't automatically mark individual episodes as watched. Watching the last episode in the file can also cause all the episodes to show up as watched, since Kodi is going off of the whole video file, rather than individual sections.
  • If you watch part of the file, say one episode but not another, both episodes will show as being in-progress and will prompt for a resume point. However, if you select "start from the beginning" then Kodi will correctly go to the episode bookmark for that episode.

How-to set episode bookmarks
Multipart episodes.jpg

When you have a multipart episode or ISO file scanned into the library then Kodi will automatically display that one file as multiple episodes.

Multipart episode bookmark 1.jpg

Play any of the episodes for that file and pause it where you want to mark the first episode at. Bring up the On Screen Display and select the bookmark button.

Multipart episode bookmark 2.jpg

A new "Set episode bookmark" button will show up in the bookmark window. Selecting it will open a pop up to select which episode the book mark corresponds to.

Multipart episode bookmark 3.jpg

We now fast forward to where the second episode would start, pause the video, and select the "Set episode bookmark" button for the second episode.

Multipart episode bookmark 4.jpg

The bookmark window now shows both episode bookmarks. If you have more than two episodes in a file or ISO, this process is the same and will allow for several episodes to be marked.

Children of the Gods.jpg

Selecting an episode in the library will now take us directly to when that episode starts within the file.

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