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Note: This is not official Team Kodi policy, this is only a suggestion of a Wiki Advertising Policy for Kodi. Most is just borrow from Wikipedia )

1 Wiki Advertising Policy needed for Kodi?

Just thought that a Wiki Advertising Policy is needed for Kodi now that so many new devices pop-up with Kodi support. What do you think? Gamester17 (talk) 08:56, 23 June 2015 (EDT)

Actually see that the Official:Forum rules have a "no solicitation" section which list a kind of advertisement and promotion policy recommendation, but there is no Official:Wiki rules with such rules and guidelines. Maybe it's worth copying or paraphrase some excerpts from Wikipedia? Gamester17 (talk) 09:08, 23 June 2015 (EDT)
WIkipedia's guidelines would need a lot of adapting, since they have a lot of additional requirements that don't really apply to us. For example, no strong "opinions" on things, where as I think it's fine to say if something doesn't seem to work very well, or feels poorly made, etc.
I did once start a very basic and rough page on Help:Rules, with the idea of actually encouraging groups, software authors, and companies, to edit the wiki so long as what they added was "reasonably objective and related to Kodi", and that any issues would be judged from case to case. Editor traffic is low enough to keep an eye on things like that.
Still, I'll try to add the applicable parts from this page/wikipedia to the rules page and make sure it is linked from the other help pages. Over all, this is a good idea to have. -- Ned Scott (talk) 16:46, 23 June 2015 (EDT)

1.1 No solicitation

  1. Do not try to sell services or hardware to individuals on our forums.
    Exception: If you own a company and want to run a special discount or promotion for Kodi forum members in your shop, contact a member of Team Kodi for permission first.
  2. Do not use usernames to promote your business, product, or website.
    Exception: We make an exception when the username is in relation to a legal non-profit or the company you represent is an official XBMC Foundation sponsor. Allowed group names must include a personal identifier (e.g. KodiSponsor-Nate or Nonprofit-Nate).
  3. Do not post donation links directly to Paypal or any other donation collections website.
    Exception: If you are the author of an original work relating to Kodi, you may include one (1) direct donation link in your forum post concerning this work. The link must be written with this exact wording: "Donations for this [addon/skin/guide/etc] gratefully accepted."
    You are allowed to post links to other websites, even if those websites have links to donation sites. For example; Wikipedia requests donations regularly, but you are still welcome to post links to Wikipedia. If you’ve written a guide or created an Kodi addon on your site that’s applicable to a discussion, and your site includes a donation option, you are still welcome to post a link to your website.