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The Philips Pronto is a versatile fully programmable touchscreen Universal Remote with advanced capabilities. It is available in several models, this HOW-TO should apply to most or all of them, although I have only experience with Pronto NG.

1 Using the Pronto with XBMC

I will not go into how to program the Pronto itself, but how to utilize it to the max with XBMC. Basically there are several ways to use your Pronto with the Xbox and XBMC, some of which are:

  • You could program it from scratch, learning IR codes from an original Xbox DVD remote.
  • You could get a predefined layout/configuration from a source like Remote Central and use it like the original DVD remote.
  • To unleash the full potential of your Pronto you can map whatever function you want to a button on your remote. This is what this How-To is all about.

2 Using Pronto Custom Functions With XBMC

First off download the Pronto CCF file from Sourceforge and import it into ProntoEdit.
It contains all the OBC codes the Xbox can receive.

Then in ProntoEdit link your custom buttons to unused OBC codes from the CCF file.
A list of all the default used OBC codes is here: Remote Buttons.
Next you have to edit Keymap.xml for XBMC to recognize your buttons.

Example, you could insert the following into the <global> section of keymap.xml:

       <obc148>RestartApp</obc148> <!-- Warm reboots XBMC -->
       <obc149>ActivateWindow(favourites)</obc149>  <!-- Takes you directly to the favourites menu -->
       <obc150>ActivateWindow(systeminfo)</obc150>  <!-- Takes you directly to the systeminfo menu -->
       <obc151>ActivateWindow(videolibrary,movietitles)</obc151>  <!-- Takes you directly to the title node of the movie library -->
       <obc152>ActivateWindow(videofiles,kids)</obc152>  <!-- Takes you directly to the kids source in the videos files section -->
       <obc153>ActivateWindow(weather)</obc153>  <!-- Takes you directly to weather -->
       <!-- obc154 is reserved for "Record" -->
       <obc155>PlayMedia(Q:\UserData\playlists\music\Test.xsp)</obc155>  <!-- Plays the Test smart playlist -->