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Frodo (Erwin Beckers) is a developer who was founder of YAMP (Yet Another Multimedia Player), not the first media player for the Xbox but the first open source media player for the Xbox, abandoned YAMP to join the then closed source XBMP (XBox Media Player project that RUNTiME and d7o3g4q had just started a few months earlier). Together with RUNTiME and d7o3g4q did they open source the XBMP project. A couple of years later the XBMP project team-members announced XBMC (XBox Media Center) as the successor to XBMP. XBMC was a complete rewrite of XBMP by the same developer-team, ...and the rest is history.

Frodo has retired from the XBMC project and has instead founded MediaPortal (an open source HTPC software for Windows, that was initially ported from the XBMC GUI), and today he activly runs that project as their lead developer.

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