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Stop hand.png Starting in Kodi v14, support for the BCHD is being dropped from the software.

Apple TV 1 users can use these modified/unofficial versions:

Apple TV 1
Apple TV 1-front.jpg
First generation Apple TV (silver)
Manufacturer Apple Inc.
XBMC Original OS: v9, v10, v11
Linux: v9, v10, v11, v12, v13
Released January 9, 2007
Discontinued 2010
OS Original OS: 3.0.2 (custom Mac OS 10.4)
CPU Intel Pentium M
Storage 40 or 160 HDD (2.5" PATA)
RAM 256 MB
Display Original OS: 720i/P
Linux: 1080i/P
Connectivity Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n), 10/100 ethernet, USB 2, HDMI, component video, analog audio, optical audio, infrared (IR)
This is the page for the original Apple TV 1 (silver). For the Apple TV 2 (black) see: Archive:Apple TV (iOS)

The original silver Apple TV is a low-powered x86 Intel computer. Originally, XBMC was installable on the original ATV OS (modified OS X), but now requires a installation of a Linux-based OS to unlock the full potential of the unit. When also combined with the Broadcom Crystal HD card, the older ATV 1 is actually more powerful than the newer ATV 2 and 3, which are based on ARM processors. ATV 1 + XBMC + BCHD can decode virtually any video and output a true 1080P signal, and is far more powerful than a non-modified ATV.

1 Availability

Apple TV 1 (silver) is no longer available from Apple, but can be purchased from alternative sources (eBay, kijiji, craigslist, etc.). If a unit is found in good condition, it makes for an excellent XBMC HTPC. If found for a good price (common as people are updating to the newer ATV2/3), such as $80-ish USD, it's also an excellent deal.

2 Installing XBMC

3 HD video decoding

It is highly recommended that you replace the WiFi card with a Broadcom Crystal HD to enable playback of HD videos. WiFi can be replaced using a USB dongle.

4 Frequently Asked Questions

See: Archive:Apple_TV_1_FAQ

5 Remote

Apple remote.jpg

6 Hard drive

Apple TV 1 uses a 2.5 inch PATA hard drive that is easily upgradable. It can also be removed completely, having the ATV1 boot directly from a USB drive, in order to make system even more silent (drive isn't loud, but YMMV).

7 Random notes

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