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1 Apple remote

First (white) and second (silver) generation Apple remotes.

There are two versions of the Apple remote, the first generation white one with 6 buttons, and the second generation silver one with 7 buttons. These remotes have sometimes come with Mac computers and Apple TV units, but can also be purchased separately. The white version is no longer made, but can be found on eBay. Both versions have identical functions and be used interchangeably. Currently the "Play" button on the silver version functions the same as the middle "select" button (with some exceptions; for instance "Play" on a folder in files-view plays all files in the folder). The remotes can also be paired to a specific device to prevent one remote from controlling two devices at once (or vice versa).

1.1 Using the Apple remote on other computers

  • FLIRC can also be used to adapt the Apple Remote for just about anything that accepts navigation via a USB keyboard.

1.2 Mac OS X and Apple TV 1 controls


  • Plus - Up
  • Minus - Down
  • Previous / Rewind - Left
  • Next / Forward - Right
  • Play / Pause - Select
  • Menu - Previous Menu
  • Hold Play - Full Screen
  • Hold Menu - Contextual menu


  • Menu - Favourites
  • Hold Menu - Shutdown Menu

Browsing videos/Library:

  • Hold Up/Down - Scroll list
  • Hold Play - Movie Information
  • Hold Menu - Contextual menu

Full Screen Video:

  • Left - Step back
  • Right - Step forward
  • Up - Volume Up
  • Down - Volume Down
  • Hold Left/Right - RW/FF
  • Menu - Stop
  • Hold Play - OSD

Music Playlist:

  • Hold Left - Move Item Up
  • Hold Right - Move Item Down
  • Hold Menu - Delete Item
  • Hold Pay - Visualisation

Screen/GUI Calibration:

  • Play - Next Calibration

Apple Remote Button Translations (for use in keymap.xml):

  • 1 Up
  • 2 Down
  • 3 Left
  • 4 Right
  • 5 Play
  • 6 Menu
  • 7 Hold Play
  • 8 Hold Menu
  • 9 Hold Left
  • 10 Hold Right
  • 11 Hold Left
  • 12 Hold Right

Buttons IDs only available on ATV (>2.3) through "Learned Remote" feature

  • 70 Play
  • 71 Pause
  • 72 Stop
  • 73 SkipPrevious
  • 74 SkipNext
  • 75 Rewind
  • 76 Forward
  • 77 Return
  • 78 Enter

Extract from keymap.xml:

<joystick name="AppleRemote">
        <button id="1">Up</button>
        <button id="2">Down</button>
        <button id="3">Left</button>
        <button id="4">Right</button>
        <button id="5">Select</button>
        <button id="6">PreviousMenu</button>
        <button id="7">Fullscreen</button>
        <button id="8">ContextMenu</button>
  <!-- old buttons for ATV <2.2, used on OSX  -->
        <button id="9">Left</button>
        <button id="10">Right</button>
  <!-- Buttons IDs that are added with the "Learned Remote" feature on ATV >2.3 -->
        <button id="70">Play</button>
        <button id="71">Pause</button>
        <button id="72">Stop</button>
        <button id="73">SkipPrevious</button>
        <button id="74">SkipNext</button>
        <button id="75">Rewind</button>
        <button id="76">FastForward</button>
        <button id="77">OSD</button>
        <button id="78">ShowVideoMenu</button>

For details make sure to check the keymapping file in GIT

1.3 Apple TV 2 controls

See also: Archive:Alternative_keymaps_for_Apple_remote
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1.4 (Arch)Linux

This is how to install the Apple Remote (A1294) on a Macbook under Archlinux. The IR driver is called macmini if using a different IR device find out the driver name and replace macmini. You will need to run the irrecord step below and won't be able to use the config I posted.

Install lirc using your packagemanager:

pacman -S lirc

edit /etc/conf.d/lircd.conf NOTE: the DEVICE name can differ.

 # Parameters for lirc daemon


create /etc/lirc/lircd.conf

 begin remote
   name  Apple_A1294_macmini
   bits            8   
   eps            30  
   aeps          100 
   one             0     0   
   zero            0     0   
   pre_data_bits   24  
   pre_data       0x87EE86
   gap          111946
   toggle_bit_mask 0x0 
      begin codes
          KEY_MENU                 0x03
          KEY_PLAY                 0x5F 0x05
          KEY_OK                   0x5C 0x05
          KEY_RIGHT                0x06
          KEY_LEFT                 0x09
          KEY_UP                   0x0A
          KEY_DOWN                 0x0C
      end codes
 end remote

If you don't have an Apple Remote A1294 (look under the battery for the model number) you must create a file with

sudo irrecord -d /dev/usb/hiddev1 -H macmini /etc/lirc/lircd.conf

OR take a look in /usr/share/lirc/remotes/apple/ OR http://lirc.sourceforge.net/remotes/apple/ if someone else already has.

start the lirc service

sudo /etc/rc.d/lircd start

You can use the irw command to test if you have done everything right up until now. It will display button presses of the remote.

Now to xbmc:

Create ~/.xbmc/userdata/Lircmap.xml

        <remote device="Apple_A1294_macmini">