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Emby for Kodi

Author: angelblue05, marcelveldt, null_pointer, xnappo, im85288, jurmb84(sync plugin)
Website: Emby link
Type: Music/Audio and Video

License: GPL v2.0
Source: Github Source code
Summary: Allows Kodi to use Emby as a media management back-end.
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The Emby addon for Kodi combines the best of Kodi - ultra smooth navigation, beautiful UIs and playback of any file under the sun, and Emby - the most powerful fully open source multi-client media metadata indexer and server.

1 Introduction

Emby is a media management server that allows you to synchronize media libraries, watched status, and watch progress between compatible devices. Emby for Kodi allows Kodi to use Emby as a media management back-end. This add-on effectively replaces the Kodi built-in media database with Emby. Supported media includes movies, series, music and more.

1.1 Overview of Steps

  1. Install & set up Emby server
  2. Install Emby add-on in Kodi
  3. Configure Emby add-on in Kodi

A quick intro video:

Reference: Import-export_library

2 Setting up your Emby server

2.1 Basic Setup

  1. Download and install Emby for your desired operating system:
  2. Open the Emby web interface @ http://[server ip address]:8096
  3. Follow the instructions as prompted
  4. Set up your libraries Emby and include "Optional Network Paths": [1]

2.2 Optional: Plugins

Installation of Emby plugins (Add-ons) is done from the Emby web interface
  1. Navigate to http://[server ip address]:8096/web/dashboard.html
  2. Select Plugins from the left side
  3. Select Catalog from within the right side of the window
  4. Scroll down to general and select the desired pugin to install it.
  5. Restart your Emby service by clicking on Dashboard and then the little power icon next to the server name, select Restart Emby Server

2.2.1 Useful Emby Plugins

  1. Kodi Companion: This plugin will speed up the media sync done by Kodi on every startup
  2. Auto Box Set: Automatically organizes Movies into sets (collections in Emby), based on data from
  3. Sync's watched status between Emby and
Disable add-on from all kodi installs, if this is used.
For further information or a more detailed explanation of the installation process, please see the Emby Official Wiki page

3 Installing the Emby add-on for Kodi

Step 1: Download the Emby repository. More info on:

a. No Side-Loading Method - Set up a new https source and download the add-in (no external media required)
b. Stable Repository - Load via USB or other media
c. Beta Repository - Load via USB or other media

Step 2: Open Kodi.

At this point Emby for Kodi is installed and it has connected to your Emby server. You should see the progress of the import from Emby into the Kodi database.

4 Configuring Emby for Kodi Add-on

  1. Navigate to System > Add-ons > My add-ons > Video add-ons
  2. Open Emby
  3. Select Configure

View the Emby for Kodi settings here: Settings Details

5 Bug and issue report

Please follow our guide: How to report your issue
For faster support, post your inquiries on our Emby for Kodi forums

6 Emby Shortcuts on the Kodi Home Screen

Basic knowledge will help you for most skins. The add-on will automatically tag your content by Emby library name and recreate your them as Video Nodes and Playlists.

Step 1: Step "Simple"

  1. Your only job as a user is to add the Emby library shortcuts created for you to your Home Screen.

7 Extra Info

See: Emby for Kodi Github Wiki